Spotlight: Country/Rock fused Post Trauma from California

By on December 28, 2012

In March of 2011 I made a conscious decision to irreversibly change my life. I decided it was no longer acceptable to live without writing songs, and that it was equally unacceptable to write songs without sharing them with the world at large.

When you write a couple of songs per month, this is a big problem. Recording in a traditional studio would cost at least $2000 per month at that rate. If I cut down the studio time, then the recordings would be lackluster, thus defeating my new purpose in life. A drastic change had to be made if I was to continue down this path.

My only option was to build my own recording studio. At this time, I lived in an apartment and had no computer, internet access or recording equipment. I had never studied sound engineering, nor had I any interest in doing so. A lot of work awaited me.

In September 2011, I moved into a small house and paid a contractor to sound proof one of the rooms. In the months previous, I used my vacation savings to purchase the recording gear and microphones. In October 2011, I placed a mic in front of an amplifier, put on my headphones and pressed the flashing red ‘record’ button for the first time. To my great surprise, it didn’t sound terrible.

For over a year now I have dedicated myself to this at both great reward and periling sacrifice. I’ve sacrificed every spare moment, every spare cent, my sleep, my sanity, and in many ways, my health. I’ve been rewarded with the unique experience of fulfilling a dream, while most remain dreamless.

What started off as a simple decision to take control of my own music turned into a double disc epic of 25 full length songs, entitled ‘Sleepless, Dreamless.’ This is very much my life’s work. It’s taken a year to create. Some of the songs are about pivotal events in my high octane life, while others simply describe the daily routine of being a health care professional by day, a rocker at night, and a full time dreamer, all day, every day.

Experience the first half of Post Trauma’s debut double disc epic, Sleepless, Dreamless

Post Trauma is:

Billy Ulrich, Kenny Ulrich, Joey Gnoffo, Sean Boddy


Author: DaveHHM

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