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By on January 19, 2012

New Years Day is: 
Ash – Vocals

Russell – Drums
Anthony – Bass 
Nikki – Guitar 
Jake – Guitar

About New Years Day:
At one time or another, each of us has suffered heartbreak—and each person deals with it in different ways. However, instead of moping around or flirting with illegal substances, NEW YEARS DAY—vocalist Ash, guitarist Mike, drummer Russell, guitarist Keith and bassist Adam decided to transform their relationship woes into a brand of goth pop that?s as catchy as it is cathartic. “I was going through a really bad break-up two years ago and so was Adam, and we had both ended up at Keith?s house somehow,” Ash explains about how the band formed. “I played both of them the music I?d been writing for my new project and they both fell in love with it—and that night we formed NEW YEARS DAY.” Within mere months of forming, Fall Out Boy?s Patrick Stump and Motion City Soundtrack?s Justin Pierre noticed them. Both were early supporters and collaborated with them on the song “Brilliant Lies.” They were then touted by Alternative Press for their “blend of girl-power vocals and dark pop-song structures,” who then gave a heads-up to the record industry: “We’d advise A&R reps to start booking flights, like, now.”

The band has been making quite a noise and touching the hearts of many fans with their ultra-catchy, anthemic songs that just happen to be loaded with daggers for lyrics. Further separating them from the boy-dominated punk scene is the truly unique presence of singer Ashley Costello (you just call her Ash) providing distinct and empowering vocals to a rock band that can really back it up. NEW YEARS DAY also began to hit the road, playing shows with bands like Jimmy Eat World, The All American Rejects, The Plain White T’s, Dashboard Confessional, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Things got even hotter as the band had their video for “I Was Right” added into rotation at MTV.

The full-length debut by NEW YEARS DAY, „My Dear?, followed featuring a song co-written with Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. NEW YEARS DAY also played on both the main support stage and main stage at Warped Tour 2007 and quickly became one of Fuse’s favorite new acts, winning the #1 spot on the show “Oven Fresh.” Almost directly after the release, TVT records, the band?s home, announced it was to go bankrupt and sell everything it owned, including NEW YEARS DAY. After some time of struggle, losing band members and fighting to even keep their own band name, the band won their rights and is now back to performing and moving forward to the 2nd record. The band members now include Ash Costello (vocals), Russell Dixon (drums), Dan Arnold (guitar and formerly of the band A Static Lullaby), and Anthony Barro (bass). The band has also inked with Hollywood Waste Records and will soon unveil their „Mechanical Heart? EP before hitting the road as part of Warped Tour once again this summer. Their sound has grown and is decidedly more mature with elements of chamber pop and dark electronics that make for a completely unique sound and style all of their own. The band has also completed a video for their latest single, “Two in the Chest, One in the Head” and look to be on the road all year long. Determined to make up for the hardships they faced as TVT Records crumbled before their eyes, NEW YEARS DAY will be one of the most talked about bands in alternative music. Ash Costello shines and shows a true star power that will keep you keep you watching and a voice that will stay in your head

Music Video For “Two In The Chest, One In The Head”

HHM – Where did News Years Day get its start? What brought all of you together to play music?

Ashley – New Years Day was formed when we were all really young. Literally all of us were in other bands but knew each other through our bands and from playing around the Orange County music scene. All of us were going through bad break ups at the time and the song “Ready Aim Misfire” was written not seriously but we realized it was pretty good, put it on MySpace and it literally took off. All of a sudden I was eating lunch at the Ivy in LA with Snoop Dogs manager! haha, and I was such a lil dork then, I look back and I’m like, how on earth did they think we were cool!?

HHM – Were there any important changes along the way that have taken place to sculpt what NYD is today?

Ashley – Oh ya. Everything we have been through has helped made us who we are today. Every loss of a band member, or loss of a manager or break up… I mean, every single little thing has shaped this band.

HHM – What are some of the major musical influences that give NYD its sound?

Ashley – We are influenced by a lot of different things. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever, I can only write songs when I’m pissed off, hurt and upset… so lyrically that’s my influence. I am actually a pretty quiet person and I dislike confrontation, so writing for me is the way to get the “monster” out of my head, let the demons loose you know? We are influenced by movie soundtracks often, rides at Disneyland, scary urban legends, haunted places…anything we think is cool and makes us shiver a lil bit will probably get a song written about it.

HHM – The internet seems to have played a serious role in the success NYD is receiving these days. How were you able to get so much online attention back then without really playing out a lot? Was that the plan from the start?

Ashley – Let me start off this question by saying NOTHING was ever a plan from the start! I wish I could say “oh totally, this was all planned and on purpose” haha but no, its all been strokes of luck and following our hearts and hoping they were the right moves. I think the internet plays a serious part in all bands success these days because Television sucks HARD! I’m watching MTV as we speak, and there is no music anywhere. Oh wait, a rap video. Sweet. Thats all there is. So really has a rock band, all we have is the internet. Its an amazing way to get to know our fans and build a family, which feels so much more real to us.

HHM – How did you get to become such a huge fan of the Horror Industry?

Ashley – I grew up around it. My mom was a single working mom so I was babysat by my grandmother and her two sons 5 days a week. She was a self proclaimed Wiccan, so there were lots of magic related items around the house. Crystals, books and herbs. To top that off, she made props, so sometimes I’d step over a box of severed arms, or heads, fake blood everywhere… her two sons were total 80s Goths… I remember how I used to get so jealous when their friends would come over, black lipstick, huge black hair and they’d all get ready and go to Disneyland. I told myself as soon as I grew up, I would do the same thing. Instead of Disney movies, my Grandma would put on horror movies for me to watch. She had stacks of issues of Fangoria everywhere. I remember picking one up with a guy on the cover who had his brain falling out of his head, I didn’t understand it was make up, I thought it was real! So Ive just grown up around it… its just the way I was made.

HHM – Are there any bands that you would really like to play/tour with?

Ashley – I’d like to tour with the people I grew up admiring. AFI, My Chemical Romance, Rob Zombie, No Doubt, Marilyn Manson, the Used, Taking Back Sunday…

HHM – Who did you guys work with producing your latest EP “Mechanical Heart”?

Ashley – We produced it ourselves in our bedroom. No joke. We had our friend mix it. We have just always been a hands on, do it yourself kind of band.

HHM – All producers are different, some bring more input than others, do you feel as though it was the same record you wrote before you stepped into the studio? Did it take any direction changes while you were recording it?

Ashley – haha it WAS the exact record we wrote. There was no pre-production process. We just dove right in.

HHM – What would you say is your absolute favorite song to play live?

Ashley – Right now, it’s a new song that has no name! haha, its working title is Haunted Mansion Core hahahaha, but it will be named and on the next record.

HHM – How hard was it on you after the fiasco with TVT going bankrupt?

Ashley – It was the darkest year, 2 years of my life. I hit rock bottom. It was like, 1 step away from all my dreams coming true. One month, MTV is flying my mom out to New York to see me showcase telling her “her daughter will be on MTV soon” to literally the next month getting a phone call saying “the record label is gone, you’re done, we don’t know what to tell you” and literally having everything to having nothing. No one cared. They walked away like we never even existed, didn’t even have the decency to drop us so we could at least move on. We were literally just stuck. So the band didn’t do anything for a year. We got normal jobs, I hit a horrible depression. I went through a lot and it really all hit me one day. Kids were still believing in NYD and writing to us and talking about us online and it hit me, I don’t deserve this attention if I’m just going to give up. It was really scary to decide to keep going, cause we had no idea if anyone would even want to listen, but so far the support has been more than we could have dreamed of.

HHM – Hollywood Waste seems to be a very close knit group. What does it mean to you to be a part of that label?

Ashley – I could not be happier. Coming from a label that didn’t give a shit to a label that I can hang out with and I love like family, its everything a band would want. I feel like what the label is doing is really exciting and I feel like in the future, other labels are going to be looking to what they are doing to innovate and breathe new life into this industry.

HHM – What are your thoughts on Warped Tour? Some bands love it, some hate it and some view it as a merely a necessity……

Ashley – I fucking love it.

HHM – What can we expect next from NYD outside of touring?

Ashley – More intense music videos.

HHM – You seem very fan orientated, is there anything you’d like to say to those fans in closing?

Ashley – Man, they know what they mean to us. They are the blood in our veins, without them, we are dead. Well, more dead than usual 🙂

-Dave – Hellhound Music 

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