Spotlight: Weepikes: Alt Rock / Pronk band from Helsinki, Finland

By on October 5, 2013


Photography: Hannu Pettinen

Originally formed in 1994, released two well acclaimed ep’s for Finnish indie labels Trash Can Records and Bad Vugum, and called it quits in the end of 1997. After a 13 years hiatus, Weepikes reformed in 2010 and released a three song promo cdep in January 2012, with a little help on mixing and mastering from Kramer (of Shimmy-Disc label fame). During the fall of 2012, Weepikes recorded new material. Finally, the digital release of brand new “We are Weepikes” was released 02/02/2013 on Weepikes’ bandcamp page, and the self-released cd version followed on 02/28/2013. “We Are Weepikes” also includes an 11 minute remix by the mighty K-X-P. Feel free to check the new album at our bandcamp page, where you can also find all our older releases.

Press Quotes:

“Lo-fi vocals, heavy rhythm section, with insistent guitars throughout – I’ll say it again, this is manna to a fan of the Pixies, GbV and the like” (When You Motor Away blog, 2013) “What do @Weepikes sound like after a 13 years hiatus? F-ing awesome” (Discosalt twitter, 2013)

“The underlying brooding mood is riven with broken guitar distortions which sear out of the speakers like shards of glass. This is music to embrace at the right moment as the very colliding layers of sound and threads require the listener to focus on two or three things happening simultaneously though at opposite ends of the spectrum and once in to the right mindset the sounds become an all engrossing focal for the mind as the rest of the world carries on with its own business.” (Indie bands blog, 2013)

“Weepikes are cool, They got that whole “post punk” thing off pat. Or rather that whole “Pronk” thing off pat” (Big Crux, 2013)

“Lots of ‘almost music/almost noise’ riffing… Totally original and excellent. Kinda like primitive Mule playing Bic Black covers after smoking a lot of dope… Or maybe Radiopuhelimet playing Mule after a lot of dope. there’s definitely dope involved!” (Moshable Fanzine, 1997)

“Very strange twisted noise songs from Finland. Bad Vugum rec. has a good ear for original Finnish bands, and the Weepikes are no exception to that” (www-zine Ultra, 1997)

“It must be a combination of garage rock, punk and avantgarde new-no-wave (whatever). Nowhere to be found in the whole wide world, except in the Tundra of Finland. I want more!!!!!” (www-zine Ultra, 1997)

“4 songs of really crooked, semi-melodic ultra distorted guitar/noise rock with a lot of bizarre harmony, volume and edge” (Elysium Fanzine, 1995}!/Weepikes


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