SRC Vinyl to release Piebald’s ‘All Ears All Eyes All The Time’ and ‘Accidental Gentleman’ on vinyl 12/10

By on October 27, 2013

Piebald’s 2004 LP All Ears, All Eyes. All The Time and their final album, 2007’s Accidental Gentlemen (both originally released via Sideonedummy) are getting the vinyl treatment via Shop Radio Cast. Both albums are now available for pre-order at and will be out on December 10.


All Ears, All Eyes. All The Time was produced by Paul Q. Kolderie (Cave-In, Dinosaur Jr., fireHOSE, Hole, Pixies, Radiohead) and at the time, the band was admittedly still worried about whether they could top their previous landmark effort, We Are The Only Friends We Have. “You always want to like your new record more and feel that it’s better than your last one, otherwise you wouldn’t want to put it out,” said front man Travis Shettel. “But Paul was really excited about the new songs, and all the people at the studio were excited, and it felt like we were on the right track, even though we didn’t know for sure. And in the end, I think we at least did comparably musically. You still get what you need from a Piebald record. It’s different, but you still get sufficiently rocked.”


There’s definitely a human feeling in this record.’ That’s what Shettel said about his beloved indie rock band’s final album, 1997’s ‘Accidental Gentlemen’. Like most of the Piebald back catalog which dates back to 1995, it’s an album that was largely tracked to analog tape, foregoing the preferred computer-based methods of recording these days. ‘As Shettel went on to explain, “When you compare it to many other records on the market, they sound like a weird robot machine playing songs that may or may not be good. This album sounds like human beings.’


And it’s that personal nature that’s the charm and truth of ‘Accidental Gentlemen’, an album title that partially admits to Piebald’s admission of a few faults. ‘The recording style was a little more haphazard than our previous albums, but in a way I think it reflects the kind of people we are,’ said Shettel. ‘We’re gentlemen at heart, but a bit sloppy by nature. We’re coming from a sort-of losers’ standpoint, trying to win.’



All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time

Vinyl Color: Coke Bottle Clear (LTD 500)


Track Listing

The Benefits Of Ice Cream
Present Tense
Human Taste Test
The Jealous Guy Blues
All Senses Interlude
Haven’t Tried It
Giving Cup
Par Of Your Body Is Made Out Of Rock
The Song That Launched A Thousand Ships
Put Your Slippers On Instead
Get Old Or Die Young
New Boston Interlude
All Senses Lost
The Six Eighter
All Sense Is Lost Postitude


Accidental Gentlemen  

Vinyl Color: 180 Gram Gold (LTD 500)



Track Listing



A Friend of Mine

Don’t Tell Me Nothing

There’s Always Something Better To Do (The Strutter)


Oh, The Congestion

Shark Attack

On And On

Getting Mugged and Loving It

Life on the Farm

Nature Wins

Roll On

We Can Not Read Poetry


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