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By on September 30, 2011

Star City Meltdown signs to Standby Records – Interview

With their explosive stage show, their uncompromising confidence, and a sound described as “Journey meets Avenged Sevenfold” , this 5 piece rock act from Johnson City, TN has been winning over audiences from Mississippi to Michigan. Produced by former Creed Bassist Brett Hestla (Dark New Day, Framing Hanley, Tantric) , their debut album ‘Stick in the Eye’ (2009) was an impressive start to what is shaping up to be an energetic adventure into rock history. The album and impending tour with Saliva gained the band a rabid underground fanbase, and spurred
independant sales beyond 2500 copies from live shows alone.

2011 took Star City Meltdown back to Florida, and into Brett Hestla’s studio once again to record their sophomore full length, tenitively named ‘Razorblades & Handgrenades’. The album and work ethic of the band drew the interest of Neil Sheehan, CEO of Standby Records (Black Veil Brides, Modern Day Escape), and he immediately inked them to a record deal. ‘Razorblades & Hand Grenades’ has a release date for late 2011, with the first single “Here’s To Us” due to hit radio nationwide in September, and constant touring with the likes of Art of Dying, Saving Abel, Crossfade, and Korn on the books for the remainder of the year and well into 2012.


-What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you guys?
    A: Our fans are absolutely the best in the world, and have been so  
supportive from the very beginning. We haven’t had a ton of weird  
experiences except for the occasional stalker. We’ve gotten some  
pretty random late night phone calls from fans, but there hasn’t been  
too many sketchy incidents….yet haha!

-Who is on the bands dream tour?
    A: On our dream tour, Bullet For My Valentine would open the show,  
then we’d go on, followed by the legendary Motley Crue. Hot girls  
would bring us steak every night to eat on the tour, and Hulk Hogan  
would drive our tour bus and teach us wrestling moves. Now that would  
be an awesome tour!

-Where is your favorite place to play?
    A: We’ve toured so much the past year, and have had so many great  
experiences. We love playing anywhere there are Star City Meltdown  
fans, and are really looking forward to all our upcoming tour dates  
with Crossfade, Korn, Art of Dying, & more.

-Do you have any new albums coming out?
    A: We just signed with Standby Records (Black Veil Brides, Dot Dot  
Curve, Modern Day Escape) and our new record “Razorblades & Hand  
Grenades” will be available in-stores & online this fall!

-Why should people listen to the bands music?
    A: People should listen to the music because we’re trying to bring  
everything we love and create something unique and different. We’ve  
taken our love for everything heavy and added huge melodic hooks to  
create songs that we absolutely love, and we hope everyone else enjoys  
it as much as we do.

-What is the bands influence?
    A: They’re all so drastically different! We all grew up on the  
heavy 80’s stuff like Metallica, Motley Crue, and love the more  
melodic stuff like Incubus, Deftones, ect. We’ve been influenced by so  
many things over the years, and it all really comes through in the  

-How did the band get started?
    A: A scientist named Bubbles created us in a top-secret government  
experiment. Haha we actually just knew each other through playing  
local shows and put the band together. Our newest member Chris  
Stewart, formerly of Black Veil Brides, was introduced to us through a  
mutual friend and we’ve been wreaking havoc across the country ever  

-What is the song writing process?
    A: We typically write very collectively. Someone will initially  
have an idea, and we’ll develop it as a band. We feel like that is the  
most creative way for us to breathe life into new songs.

Star City Meltdown have toured with Saliva and appeared at a featured artist showcase at Florida Music Festival 2011. Their debut album “Stick In The Eye” sold over 2000 physical copies. They have played as support for Framing Hanley, Sick Puppies, Skid Row,  Candlebox & Blood On The Dancefloor. Star City Meltdown Signed with Standby Records August 2011. They were an Alternative Addiction Featured Artist Feb 2011


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