Static Fiction: Static Fiction EP Review

By on January 17, 2013

Huntington Beach punk rockers: Static Fiction have finished their debut EP Static Fiction. The EP kicks off with its title track: a song that delivers the more “poppy” side of Punk vocals, a solid display of drum work, and some killer-catchy gang vocals. Chiming in next is “Ashes” an upbeat number that can’t help but remind of bands like Amber Pacific – with its more Pop-punk direction, until a heavy outro more aggressively concludes the song. “Stop and Look” gets a bit more melodic, with a greater emphasis on the lead; an interesting quality of this song is the penetration [through the composition] of the more “old school” Punk Rock bass: as played by vets like Pennywise. Static Fiction slows it down for the EP’s fourth track “Guano Love” a sappy love song that is performed without shame. Static Fiction comes to a close with “Good Times” an aggressive yet upbeat Punk Rock anthem that serves an appropriate finish for this EP. Overall, Static Fiction is a short and sweet showcase of energetic punk rock; fans of the genre, especially the more “poppy” side are sure to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Static Fiction
2. Ashes
3. Stop and Look
4. Guano Love
5. Good Times

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Review by Matt Crane – HHM