Steiner Street: Time & Temperature review and tour dates

By on June 25, 2012
I think the most telling detail about this band – before even listening to their music – is the band interests listed on their facebook page: “Riding bikes, kickball and straight chillin’.” This describes a lot of kids during the summer. You’re bored, you’re too broke to do much, and when you just want to have a good time you call up all of your friends and figure out anything to do. Steiner Street’s brand of pop-punk embodies what summer is all about (for those fortunate enough to still get summers off): enjoying yourself.
“I Should Have Never Had a Birthday” is exactly what an opener should be. It’s a preview of what you’re about to jump into, which in this case means a pool of good ol’ fashioned gang vocals, some chugging melodic guitars and a worn snare head by the time two and a half minutes are up. Then “Fish In a Barrel” manages to speed things up even more with a tinge of 90’s goodness and some of the band’s better riffs.
Some people will enjoy Time & Temperature. Namely those who enjoy music not solely because it’s incredibly technical, but because it makes them smile. Standout tracks like “Make It Count”, “Frost”, and “Quite Literally the Drink That Killed Him” are all lyrically so non-exclusive that anyone could relate on some level. Others won’t even give this album a try because they find the genre to be completely worn out by cliche topics and lyrics. Cheesy things like “Well I’m still bitter but I’m getting by/And I know what I want when I see it” (“Hey Prew”). But I’ll be damned if that line doesn’t come from the most instantly singable track.
I can easily picture these guys touring with some contemporaries their own age – bands like The Hotel Year or Streetlight Fire. In fact, if that tour can become a reality I’ll gladly pack into a hot, sweaty bar with a bunch of strangers, you know, like in summers past. You can check out their music here:
RIYL: Man Overboard, Saves The Day, Title Fight
Track Listing:
1. I Should Have Never Had a Birthday
2. Fish In a Barrel
3. Lightshined
4. Make It Count
5. Frost
6. Run Ourselves Ragged
7. Hey Prew
8. Quite Literally the Drink That Killed Him

Portland, Maine based troupe Steiner Street evoke the good old days of pop-punk with catchy hooks, upbeat riffs, and an all around sense of good times destined to not only get you two stepping, but bring an overwhelming urge to jump on stage and sing along with them.

For fans of Title Fight, Saves the Day, and Daggermouth, Steiner Street manages to keep things new and interesting, while creating grooves that listeners can easily latch on to and rock along with. Their debut album, “Time & Temperature,” produced by John Zebley, brings together aggressive rhythms with the perfect amount of vocal harmonies and slowed passages that keeps you grooving, but allows nostalgic memories of classic pop punk days with subtle riffs & chants reflecting today’s youth.

Steiner Street has shared the stage with many of the genre’s current heavyweights, including; Man Overboard, Sparks the Rescue, Kurt Baker Band, The Toasters, Transit, A Loss for Words, Such Gold, Handguns, and The Swellers.  The group plans to play regionally supporting the albums release leading up to an extended tour in Summer 2012.

Third Time Lucky Rekords:

Steiner Street Time & Temperatour Dates

Jul 01     Club Texas                      Auburn, ME
Jul 06     3065 Live                        Wareham, MA
Jul 07     Antrim Teen Center     Antrim, NH
Jul 08     Masonic Temple          Altoona, PA
Jul 10     House Show                  Bloomington, IN
Jul 11     Be Here Now                  Muncie, IN
Jul 12     Pats On The Flats        Cleveland, OH
Jul 13     High Octane                  Romeo, MI
Jul 14     The Hive                         Kitchener, Ontario
Jul 16     Avant Garde                   Ottawa, Ontario
Jul 17     Monkey House              Winooski, VT