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BREAK THROUGH BEAUTIFUL’s upcoming project with the SCHOOL OF ROCK, and ways you can help:

With resounding passion, directed at changing the world for the better, Break Through Beautiful looks to take their positive message to a whole new audience. With the forthcoming release of a long awaited full-length album, the band seeks to produce a heartfelt music video for their latest radio single, that will be based around a concept we all know and love; the innocence of children and their ability to change the world of tomorrow. Working with the music education organization, the School of Rock (; an institution dedicated to music education acceleration in all age groups of kids, Break Through Beautiful is working with the program to actively involve, and incorporate the school’s students into the production. The kids will have the privilege and excitement of being featured in a high production music video that will be viewed worldwide, all while being able to work hand-in-hand with seasoned musicians, and be guided by a bevy of positive adults who all support children’s musical ambitions.


The budget (any additional monies raised by this campaign, not needed for the production) will be donated to the School of Rock Organization, to be allocated into their budget for educational supplies and school programs.


This production, with its positive message and goal, will not only be influential to the children who are immediately involved, but will be shared/viewed on a worldwide platform in hopes to influence and drive other young children to actively pursue music. By sharing this campaign, and helping to raise donations, we humbly thank you for taking interest in our youth. This campaign can be shared on social networking sites, blog sites, through email, and more. Thank you ever so kindly, for your contributions; even if simply just sharing this campaign with others.


For updates on the campaign, and to interact with the band and other supporters, join the Facebook event/group, here:


– Trevor, Josh, Adrian, Lee and Brian (Break Through Beautiful)
– Faculty/Staff (School of Rock)

Special thanks to,
– Kimmi Rudolph, Rock Radio Host/Supporter (The Rock Deli)
– Staff/Supporters (Alternative Revolt Magazine)


National recording artists, Break Through Beautiful, head into the studio to begin tracking their forthcoming full length album, set for release later this spring. Recording at the legendary Colorado Sound Studios (home of tracks by artists such as Eminem, Styx, The Fugees & more), and producing with accredited producer Jesse O’Brien (Matisyahu, Rocco Deluca, Yellow Card, Blues Traveler, Black Eyed Peas & more), the band veers towards a more organic sound by tracking via CLASP {Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor} (a new/breakthrough recording method using analog tape that can be edited digitally; which so far has only been used by a limited number of serious musicians, such as Lenny Kravitz, who spearheaded the use of the equipment in late 2011).

After the release of a somewhat rushed EP in 2011, Break Through Beautiful looks to really fine-tune and define their sound for the LP. “We’ve really grown as musicians, and have the means to really set the bar this time around” states lead singer, Trevor Clock. “We’re looking to deliver a product that really stands out to our fans, and since we plan to tour on this album, we’re not cutting any corners.”

Throughout the recording process; over the course of months to come, the band has plans to tackle a multitude of other endeavors, such as shooting a high production music video for their forthcoming radio single, “Another Way”, along with catering to their regional fanbase with a few high production live shows, and ultimately preparing for their LP & music video release and tour kick-off. The band already has plans to embark on a national tour, immediately following the release of the highly anticipated album.

The band’s presence in 2011 has already gained them substantial live performance recognition; having played Warped Tour 2011, opened for nationals such as Smashing Pumpkins, Anberlin and Chevelle (to name a few), and established continual draw at top venues in the Colorado area and abroad. Such feats, along with ever-expanding airplay in national radio markets, there is no doubt that hitting the national tour circuit is the next step for the band, and that the nation will welcome them with arms open


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