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By on June 27, 2013


Don’t let the name fool you. The talented Ms Bubble creates music that blends 
elements of Hip Hop, Pop, Groove and Soul that is her own sassy musical style 
that has been earning her a global fan base. Brought up in Brooklyn, the gifted 
singer grew up singing background and harmony for her local church choir 
and it wasn’t long before Tamara took charge of the microphone. Tamara has 
performed to some very large crowds in the past two years and at some of the 
USA’s most iconic venues including the Apollo Theatre and the Williamsburg 
music festival.
Inspired by the legends from Lena Horn to Mary J Blige, Tamara writes songs 
that are about two of the most essential and personal things in life, love and 
affairs of the heart and how we all communicate and tell our stories of love, life 
and family. 
Always passionate about her lyrics, Ms Bubble is known for saying what needs 
to be said but always trying to tell both sides of the story of two people in love. 
She spares no feelings and literally steps on toes in some songs and in others 
she lets the listener know it is not wise to cross a lady in love. Love is both 
painful and joyful and the most amazing thing in the world. Tamara’s songs let 
you know that, with love, there are always two sides to the story and sometimes 
you may ‘get hurt’.
In 2013 Tamara submitted her video clips to DJ Central TV www.djcentral.tv
Since then, the show has had the clips on high rotation and it was through the 
TV show that she was later picked up and signed to DJ Central Records. 
Under the watchful eye of DJ Central Records and the A & R Director “Mr Oscar 
Ovaflow Clemons”, Brian Lassiter and Damien Reilly from Blue Pie Records, 
tours are being planned and a super scorchin hot new hot EP called “Living it 
up” have been released. You can download the 1st single “ Living it up” from Air 
Play Direct today. 
The world is now tuning in and starting to dance to her latest record “ Living 
it up”, which is out now for the world to download on DJ Central Records and 
available at all leading digital retailers on the planet. 
Tamara Bubble is a DJ Central Records artist and you can find out more about 
Tamara, vist her official website or search “Tamara Bubble” on google


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