Teddybears out to change the world with new single ‘What’s Your Problem’ featuring Baby Trish

By on March 2, 2015

Teddybears are a talented bunch of Swedes, who have musically accomplished a fair bit all over the globe, both as a band and as individuals. Collectively, having worked with the likes of Cee-Lo, Iggy Pop, Flaming Lips, Robyn, Wiley, Madonna (before her fall at the Brits), Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk amongst others, the Swedish trio are respected and appreciated all around the world.


Being amongst the very first pioneers to start crossing sounds of hip hop, pop, rock, dancehall and electro all together and creating a whole new style of music, their ahead-of-time way of thinking has earned them two U.S. Grammy Nominations and nine Swedish Grammy Awards, out of which six were for Teddybears alone.


Now the trio, consisting of Jocke Åhlund, Klas Åhlund and Patrik Arve, are on a far greater mission than to have yet another hit. After having fought for years against racism, inequality and prejudice, this time they want to be heard loud and clear. In the twenty first century, where humans should by now be able to remain open-minded, understanding and tolerant, how is it possible for racism, prejudice and judgmental attitude to still be so apparent in such an allegedly forward-thinking society? Teddybears want you to remember despite this depressing fact, you can take charge of your life, you can decide what you want to believe in, read, study or listen to and you can make a difference!


By coming out with the most unusual sounding single with the most unusual guest feature, the Swedish group want everyone to be able to truly look beyond skin colour, hear beyond genre and focus on what matters most: the core of their message! Also by re-creating and bringing back the whole unexplored genre of electro/indie/rave and making it new again, the group has opened a whole new sonic dimension of uncharted creative possibilities, a new room in music where others can follow, expand and evolve…


Baby Trish, who features on What’s Your Problem?, is a twelve year old girl from Jamaica. Teddybears met her when she was only nine, while working in a studio in Kingston with her godfather Beenie Man. Having built quite the reputation as a performer in and around the capital, Baby Trish joined the band to record their single.


Instantly grabbing the attention of the listener, Baby Trish means every word she says, whilst the tension and release in the arrangement pulses throughout with an attitude-filled energy.


Teddybears yet again push music to its limits. Ground-breaking, daring and filled with memorable hooks, What’s Your Problem? is not a just a single. It is a whole movement which even comes with its own instruction manual:


  1. Ask yourself this: What’s your problem with someone of different gender? What’s your problem with someone of different skin colour? What’s your problem with someone of different religion? What’s your problem with someone different? What’s your problem?
  2. Ask yourself again: No really, what is your problem?
  3. Press play.


In order to change the world we have got to start somewhere… Instead of going with a potential given hit maker (and we know they’re capable of that), Teddybears are on a mission to help the world see again that we can change the world through music if enough of us get behind it!


What’s Your Problem? is out NOW, via Polydor Records. Are you in?


EXCLUSIVE GRAMMYS 2015 PERFORMANCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt0V0wFE968

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/noisey/teddybears-whats-your-problem-feat-baby-trish

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TeddybearsMusic


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