Teen Rocker DIAMANTE Releases Brand New Video for Single “Impossible”

By on January 31, 2012

The teen rocker who is frequently compared to such artists as Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams has radio stations across the country buzzing over her new single and video. “Impossible” flawlessly reflects the classic ‘girl meets bad boy’ story line as it’s portrayed in the song. The single is available for download on iTunes.

“Impossible” recently broke into the Top 40 charts on terrestrial radio stations nationwide, and has been dominating the charts since its release in October 2011.

DIAMANTE, who currently has festivals booked in California, Texas and Nevada, says she wrote the song based off of real life experiences and feelings. DIAMANTE is being claimed as the next big star of the rock/pop world for good reason. The musician and songwriter who is wise beyond her teen years brings depth to all of her songs through her unique lyrics, catchy melodies, and exceptional rock solid voice. Not only is DIAMANTE thriving in the U.S., her music is also being streamed on radio stations across the globe in Mexico and Australia.

DIAMANTE during the filming of “Impossible”

Download “Impossible” on iTunes 

More About Diamante:
Emerging from the east coast to the entertainment capitol of the world, teen sensation DIAMANTE is now dominating the music scene in Hollywood. At the young age of 15,DIAMANTE is a true musician and songwriter writer who brings much depth to all of her songs. As a trend setter in the music scene DIAMANTE is often referred to as modern-day Pat Benatar and Alanis Morissette. Her unparalleled sound comes from an innocent yet edgy vibrato tone, thus making her voice a rare diamond to the music industry.

This teen rock star has taken L.A. by storm with her amazing live performances at Hollywood hot spots like the Avalon Theatre, Whisky A Go Go, ROXY Theatre, Knitting Factory. In addition to her Hollywood performances, DIAMANTE played to her fans at the Palm Springs Convention Center. But her amazing live performances weren’t enough for her as DIAMANTE’s hit single “Spinnin’ Around” landed as one of the soundtracks in the feature film Leaving Hollywood immediately after its release. Her single “Just For One Day” climbed to #1 on Tween Pop Radio with record breaking results, was on the top 10 Tween Pop Radio charts for 10 weeks straight, and awarded song of the year semifinalist in 2011. DIAMANTE was also nominated artist of the year 2010 by Tween Pop Radio, and is a nominee for Best Artist at Hollywood’s Just Not Famous Enough (JNFE) Awards 2011.

Not only is DIAMANTE thriving in the U.S., her music is also being aired on radio stations across the globe such as in Mexico and Australia. She has been interviewed and featured in Pop Culture Radio, The Radio Café Music Countdown, On Air With Nesa, Radio Disney Club, Moozikzoo, Nashville’s TV Stars 2 Come, and the popular teen site Iaam.com.

But music isn’t her only talent – she has also landed numerous lead roles in popular theatrical shows such as: “Sandy” in Grease, “Rosie” in Bye Bye Birdie, “Ariel” in the Disney remake A Day of Magic, “Vicky” in Free to Be You and Me, and a breakthrough performance of the “Genie” in Aladdin. She also starred as a guest on The Doctors and featured in Tyna Q’s band and music video.

DIAMANTE released her hit single “IMPOSSIBLE” after returning from her national tour—the Age of Rebellion. As an official member of the Southern California School Zone Tour roster, she was on the road all summer performing across the country on her very own tour and as one of the featured artists on the nationwide No Bully Tour America 2011.

For more information on DIAMANTE, visit her website.
Interview with Hellhound Music:

HHM – Who are your personal musical influences?
There are so many! I definitely look up to Adele, Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams, and other female rock artists who aren’t afraid to express how they feel through music.

HHM – When did you first realize that music is want you wanted to do?
I’ve always loved music, more than anything else. Once I started doing musical theatre at 10 years old, I realized I could belt out a song in front of an audience with no microphone, and grab the audience, it was such a defining moment for me.

HHM – What as the experience like that first time you stepped up the microphone to perform?
I was actually kind of scared. I mean singing in front of a crowd is no problem for me, but singing with a microphone in my hand was a whole new experience, and it took me a little to get comfortable with it.

HHM – Performing songs on stage is one thing, but tracking in the studio is something completely different. How was your first studio experience?
I was really nervous, but at the same time so excited! It was my dream to record my very own song for the first time.

HHM – Was it what you expected?
Not at all, I would’ve never thought the process would take so long. You can spend hours, in the studio for one song.

HHM – Is there any conflict between being a solo artist versus performing in the theater? Is that something you feel like you could continue to be successful at both?
Surprisingly, no. I think musical theatre is what’s made me a stronger solo artist today. It gives you a lot of force when it comes to performing, because when you’re in theatre you really have to project to sing to an audience, and you don’t have a mic to back you up. It’s also given my live concerts today a theatrical element.

HHM – Who would you say has given you the most help and support in your music career up to this point?
My parents have definitely been the most supportive. I’m so incredibly lucky, because there are so many girls out there outside of California who would kill to come to LA and live out their dreams, but can’t. I would never be where I am now, nor would I have had the same opportunities, if they hadn’t made the move out of Boston.

HHM – You already have quite a bit of stage experience performing between the music and theater, do you still get nervous before you perform?
I never get nervous because of the crowd, but sometimes before the show I do get nervous because of the pressure. It’s difficult to live up to people’s expectations, but once I’m on stage and the music starts, I completely let go.

HHM – Being a performing artist definitely changes a bit, how does this affect your average day?
Well, I get a lot of mixed reactions, especially in high-school. It’s hard to balance grades and shows, but at the end of the day it’s amazing because I get to experience being a teenager and at the same time do what I love.

HHM – How much of a role does music play in your life?
Music means everything! I sing at least 3 hours every day, because for anything I’m feeling or anything I happen to be going through, there’s always a song for it. Music is like my diary and it’s my only way of getting it out besides writing.

HHM – What has been the hardest part for you in your rise through the ranks?
The hardest part has probably been people telling me who I should be, who I shouldn’t be, and people telling me that the music industry is too rough and I should quit. It’s hard to step up and say, “No!” and keep going.

HHM – You are considerably younger than most performers with the caliber of vocals you possess. How much to you think your age comes in to play on how you’re received as an artist?

I think the age factor grabs a lot of interest. There are brilliant singers out there, and sure, there are incredibly talented female rock artists, but how many of them are fifteen? So my age is intriguing to many, but at the same time though, it’s harder to be taken seriously as female rock artist, let alone an artist. I have to work harder to prove that I have what it takes.

HHM – Planning on more touring in the near future?
I really hope so! I toured in the summer of 2011, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I always traveled as a kid, so being able to travel and sing at the same time is a dream come true. We already have large festivals booked in California, Texas and Nevada in early 2012.

HHM – If you could choose anyone to go out on the road with, who would that be?
I would love to tour with the band, He is We. They go so many places. I’ve seen their videos and their fans and at their concerts and it’s so amazing because they’re actually loved for their music.

HHM – When can we expect to hear some new tracks from you?
Soon! I’m in the process of writing new songs, and I’ll be laying new tracks down at the studio before the end of the year.

HHM – Are you collaborating or writing with anyone on new material?
I write my own material based off of real life experiences and feelings, but when it comes to putting the song together, my production team comes in and helps me make the song album ready.

HHM – Do you have any producers in mind that you would love to work with?
So far I’ve met a lot of talented producers, and I’m currently working with two, but I’m always eager to collaborate and meet new people in the industry.

HHM – Where do you see yourself in 5 years…
Hopefully touring Europe and making a difference in people’s lives through my music.

HHM – Is there any message that you would like your music to instill in others?
Yes! Seize the day, never be afraid, don’t lose who you are, and above all, do what you love!

Dave – Hellhound Music


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