Album Review: The Bunny The Bear – Stories

By on March 31, 2013

PromoImagebbRelease Date: April 16th

Label: Victory Records

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=5/10]

Electropop/Hardcore act The Bunny The Bear’s third release on Victory Records: Stories is a musically jumbled crucible of sound, to say the least: heavy on synth-driven melodies, Metalcore breakdowns, and high-pitched choruses—though the intended conceptual direction, this blend is overextended at times; the interruption of darker Death vocals on the more upbeat, poppy track “Hey, Allie” is just sonically distracting and far too sharp a contrast from its electronic flow.

The album is not a total loss though—if you had a MySpace page circa 2007 and remember the rise of similar bands like The Medic Droid and Breathe Carolina, some musical nostalgia can be found in Stories: the energetic electronic delivery of the album’s first half can be a fun backdrop and actually quite catchy. The aggressive shouting in “Eating Disorder” is almost reminiscent of an early Hollywood Undead, and “In Like Flynn” serves as a sort of early, electronic Panic! At The Disco Screamo tribute—both songs execute a more effective genre-synthesis, sadly, to be missed by most others on the album.

Aside from the track “Your Reasons” (which is actually a pretty catchy/rhythmic Electropop anthem), the album’s later half is pretty forgettable: songs like “Melody” and “Sadie” are comparatively mellow—taking part in a broader, drawn-out ending of electronic filler. While Metalcore fans should keep their distance from this release, its appeal to a younger audience i.e. fans of artists like Blood On The Dance Floor, should not be overlooked. Stories can be pre-ordered on Amazon today.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM