The Chainsmokers remix The Colourist ‘Fix This’; Your #Selfie is Needed

By on December 8, 2013


Lets start with part one, so we are big fans of The Colourist and after speaking with the band regarding some collaboration possibilities in the future we asked if we could remix one of their songs. Lucky for us, our favorite track of theirs, ‘Fix This’ had yet to be remixed so we jumped at the opportunity. Problem was we jumped a little too fast as we finished the track before we even had a chance to speak about terms of its release. So sadly, it was too late for us when we discovered they did not want this song to be available for DL or Sale (at least for the time being). As you know we are about as fond as streaming tracks as discovering the hotel room we were booked at has one queen bed for drew and I both to sleep in together, BUT we are also not cry babies and we consider ourselves team players so although we were disappointed, we LOVE the track we produced and Shakespeare said it best, it is better to stream then to never stream at all…


So here is the official remix VIA Universal Republic:


The Colourist – Fix This (The Chainsmokers Remix)

A really quick note on its making:

The Colourist have really unique playful vocal melodies which is what attracted to us to them the most, Ā and we like to consider one of our bigger production strengths to be our melody work as well, so we were excited to pair the two against each other. Thus, in the production it was great to create a composition for this track that ping pong’d between their vocals and our production as we add and subtract instruments to increase the energy and emotion into a joyous wave of synths for the drop that keeps that has our signature style šŸ™‚


AND it was nice to get back to some real indie progressive house with this track….

Sooo… you have been such a MASSSSIVE supporter of our music that we have sent to you, that we thought the least we could do would be to give you guys some face-time on our end and include you in our #Selfie Music video that is under production atm…


So here is what we need from y’all…


1) A #Selfie photo or video, you choose

2) You can do whatever you want in it, clothing is optional

3) Send it back to us via this email orĀ


Thats pretty much it, but we would love to have you be a part of this, you’ve kicked so much ass for us so far we might as well cross you over from famous music writer to music video vixen…


Of course if you don’t want to, thats cool to, or if you already submitted one to the email though then ignore this, your fame is on the way hahah….


The video is aimed to come out in hopefully 1-2 weeks prlly 2…


Much Love as always and we hope you enjoy the song and get involved with a photo, remember no rules!



Alex and Drew


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