The Chimpz: Who Can I Trust Review

By on January 20, 2013
Chimpz WCITcover

LA Rock/Rap outfit The Chimpz have been tearing up the Rock music scene and gaining some serious notoriety with their latest release Who Can I Trust. Songs from the album have made high profile appearances on popular television shows for such networks as FX and MTV.

Who Can I Trust kicks off with “Victim” a unique track that delivers an effective preview of what The Chimpz are all about; sizzling guitars carve out a dark landscape for the song, while a mix of punk and rap vocals urgently pull the listener into “Victim” and its general message [one can’t help but be reminded of Rage Against The Machine]. The album’s second track “Corrupt” mixes it up with some raunchy riffs and a rap driven powerhouse vocal theme reminiscent of bands like P.O.D. “Killing Me” slows it down instrumentally before showcasing a powerful & catchy chorus that will mercilessly “crawl inside” the listener’s head. The album’s title track chimes in next with a creepy lead, an aggressive rhythm, and an explosive lyrical onslaught. Who Can I Trust closes with “Mr. 44” a track that gets down to business and speeds it up with some impressive melodic distortion that is infused with the band’s signature infectious vocal delivery.

Who can I Trust is a fresh mix of rap, punk, and rock: all of which are impressively synergized into an effective showcase of the musical talent behind The Chimpz. You can grab your copy today.

Track Listing:
1. Victim
2. Corrupt
3. Killing Me
4. Who Can I Trust
5. Mr. 44

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Review by Matt Crane – HHM