The Color Morale: Know Hope Review

By on March 21, 2013

image002Release Date: March 26th

Label: Rise Records

HHM Rating:

[xrr rating=9/10]

From the album’s opening track “Burn Victims” it becomes apparent that boundary-pushing Metalcore act The Color Morale have created something special with their upcoming full-length Know Hope—aggressively raspy vocals dominate the song: transitionally complimented by ghostly cleans—sonically reminiscent of Dallas Green’s haunting execution. While the opening track takes a more melodic Metalcore direction, songs like “Smoke And Mirrors” and “Silver Lining” showcase the bands ability to speed it up—flexing their more “traditional” Hardcore muscles while mixing it up with experimental rhythms, and somehow; still slipping in their trademarked catchy hooks. One of the great instrumental aspects of this album is that we have a Metalcore band shredding a tantalizing lead over the dropped-down rhythm—the former, so commonly lacking in today’s scene, serves as a great display of the The Color Morale’s technical guitar skill, as can be heard in tracks like “Learned Behavior” and “In Light In Me.”

There really are no filler tracks on Know Hope. This is one of those rare albums with each track offering something musically diverse and attractive—in some cases, even provoking curiosity from its conceptual contrast to the previous track; the shift from the raw & stripped down “Living Breathing Something” to the more melody driven & emotionally intuitive “Strange Comfort” being a perfect example. The album is full of very exotic leads and experimental compositions but only a tasteful amount of synth i.e. careful minimal usage. My only issue with this release is that the band’s musical talent & experimental nature, while bursting at the seams, still appears somewhat constricted by the Rise formula: a great foundation that works well (very well) for some of Metalcore’s best, but one I don’t see necessary for The Color Morale—this band has the potential to be the next Underøath as I see them flourishing more so through experimentation and pushing the boundaries with each release. Know Hope is by far the best release from The Color Morale to date, another step forward for the band, and a beacon of “hope” for the Metalcore scene. You can pre-order your copy of the album today.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM