The Expendables Blackout Tour 2017

By on March 20, 2017

On a chilly Monday night in downtown Norfolk we have the pleasure of welcoming The Expendables once again to The NorVa. Along with them openers RDGLDGRN and Tribal Theory they set a peaceful mellow mood to the NorVa. Almost felt like I was back at a Dead or phish concert. First up Tribal Theory from San Diego an urban reggae style of music was formed back in 2005. Playing from there four albums songs like “Part time lovers”, my roots, simple city and cali love. Sure was feeling the vibe from these guys. Next up RDGLDGRN formed back in 2011 based out of Reston,VA have been work with musicians like Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams they are on the road to a successful band. Hitting the stage with songs like “I love lamp”, Doing the most, power ups, stranger, when i’m alone, and “hang out” played this band has a good following and it’s only going to grow from here. So with the openers done and the crowd eager to see and hear The Expendables. The lights dim down and the intro begins to “Starry Night” which brought back the smell of something you might have smelled during a phish or dead concert. The night is young and the next song played “Down Down Down” just a soulful and melodic song which had everyone swaying. Playing a total of 18 songs everything from “Music Move Me”, War cry, Sinsemilla, Let her go, Ganja smugglin’ and closing with Let loose and Bowl for two ending the night off. If you haven’t seen them yet this is a perfect time to check them out.

The Expendables has been around since the late 90s formed in Santa Cruz California. There music is a cross between reggae and punk rock. They have tour with 311, Pepper, Less than Jake & & Special sauce. The expendables to this day have 6 studio albums for the listening pleasure. Currently the headliner of their Blackout Tour with Tribal Theory and RDGLDGRN.

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