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Italian composer Luca Ciut releases his first solo album, Seventeen Million Lonely Angels. In this  project, which was conceived, recorded and produced in Los Angeles, Luca set out to shed light on a lesser known side of the city of angels:  a side disposed to reflection  and solitude.

‘When I moved to Los Angeles’, says Luca Ciut, ‘two things  struck me: the multitude of sounds in the city and the fact that everybody  spent a good part of their life stuck in a car, cut off from other people, a very lonely place for a very lonely existence.’ The composer decided to use the former as a palette to describe  this human condition.

‘I was really taken with the idea of expressing  the contrast between what people think about L.A. and what this place actually is. Trying to capture the essence of it in a record was intruiging’, Luca went on.

Conceived as a biographical journey, Seventeen Million Lonely Angels has eight instrumental tracks and two songs, and reflects the influence of composers such as Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen, Gavin Briars and Arvo Pärt who have inspired Luca’s approach to music and this work. Originally planned as a piano solo and sound design, the music also features the cello, viola, percussions and other instruments while keeping the simplicity and intimacy of the original vision.

As other composers such as Max Richter, Ólafur Arnalds and Dustin O’Halloran, the Italian composer blends classical music, minimalism and film scoring in a recognizable yet personal style where environmental sounds create the landscape to highlight human fragility in society nowadays.

The record contains graceful pieces such as Lonely Creatures, Night At Griffith, More Than You Think and New Obsession as well as folky brighter tracks such as The Time Is Now and A Quiet Place. Luca  also reveals a sensitive voice on Things Are Getting Better and Back To Life, where he pays homage to songs like Brian Eno’s ‘By This River’.

As a film composer Luca Ciut has worked for Emmy winner directors Daniel Poe and Daniel Auber, Davide Del Degan and Chiara Sambuchi. Seventeen Million Lonely Angels will be released on October the 10th both digitally on iTunes and physically at



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