The Plot In You: Could You Watch Your Children Burn Review

By on January 3, 2013

Release Date: January 15th
Rise Records

In 2011, Ohio based Metalcore outfit The Plot In You took the American metal scene by storm with the release of their debut album on Rise Records: First Born. In the wake of an impressive Billboard charting and extensive touring with such notable acts as Miss May I, Whitechapel, and Iwrestledabearonce; the group is ready to shake and shatter the scene again with the release of their sophomore album: Could You Watch Your Children Burn.

Could You Watch Your Children Burn kicks off with its lead single “Premeditated” an introduction of lyrical aggression and some serious vocal brutality; the track’s metallic assault impressively infuses a catchy chorus: one that thrives on a raw, raspy and more “real” display of clean vocals. For the album’s second track “Fiction Religion” [a personal favorite] a classic Metalcore thrash is gracefully balanced with the softer, more heart touching side of singer Landon Tewers’ vocals: a balance in a manner reminiscent of [dare I say it] Underoath’s They’re Only Chasing Safety. With this track, the listener will also encounter something new: an absolutely tantalizing breakdown not driven by rhythm or Drop D, but by a shredding finger-tapping lead that will surely leave some cracked skulls in the pit. “Digging Your Grave” speeds it up and strips it down in a more hardcore manner before bursting into a sing-along chorus. “Population Control” continues the album’s brutal musical direction before the next track “Troll” displays a more creative & experimental side of the band: a dangerously catchy/speedy rhythm drives the song to an impressive arena rock style chorus. The albums 8th song “Sober and Soulless” takes a more Post-Hardcore rout: an impressive display of The Plot In You’s musical versatility.

“Bible Butcher” brutally steers Could You Watch Your Children Burn to its final close with the track “Glad You’re Gone” an appropriately soft close to this albums metal onslaught that will allow the listener to unwind and reflect upon its general message. The album drops January 15th on Rise Records and can be pre-ordered today; be sure to grab your copy. You can also catch the band on the Brothers of Brutality Tour (presented by Revolver Magazine and Monster Energy Drink) early this year with Whitechapel, Emmure, Unearth and more.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM