The Sounds return with 5th album ‘Weekend’

By on October 19, 2013

We all look forward to the weekend but for the 250K avid Facebook followers of The Sounds, they’ll have to wait just a little longer for their ‘Weekend’, as the new album from the Scandi-pop rockers won’t be available until Nov 4th in the UK.

With this, their fifth studio album to date, The Sounds are as relevant as ever; returning with an explosive urgency that has won them many a fan in the live arena, playing alongside such bands as the Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, No Doubt and Foo Fighters, as well as top billing festivals throughout Europe and in the US . “Weekend is more of a back to basics album,” says Jesper Anderberg (keyboards/guitar). “I was primarily looking for a groove when I started writing this album – a groove based on five members who have been playing music together for a long time. We weren’t looking to over think the song writing, and especially wanted to make it sound like we just hit the switch on the amps and just started playing the songs.”

From the punky dance rock signature sound of the opening tracks “Shake Shake Shake” and “Take It The Wrong Way” that recalls the shuffling exuberance of their groundbreaking debut to the winsome and shimmery “Hurt the Ones I Love” to the 60s style rock of “Emperor”, Weekend takes the band’s trademark danceable indie rock “sound” and expands in different directions. This musical journey is most noticeable in the chill-down title track “Weekend” and the cleverly disguised dance-infused “Great Day”, which both start acoustically yet build and evolve to a frenzy of passion and instrumentation.

On production duties for this album Alex Newport (Bloc Party, Frank Turner, At The Drive-In ) was drafted in to work with the band helping them build on the lessons learned along the way while touring the world. Despite the band owning their own studio, Alex took them out of their comfort zone, rehousing them and himself in the legendary Svenska Grammafon Studion with the sole intention of capturing the magic on the record that has delighted and captivated fans for a decade on the road.

“While recording, we all lived in the SGS studios together with Alex, and we were all using the same kitchen and bathroom and so on,” says drummer Fredrik Blond. “That creates a certain vibe I think. And it forces you to deal with things, not just run away from them.” Adds Jesper, “It’s important to be able to try new approaches, and we’ve never been afraid of trying new paths in our songwriting. I think it’s important for bands to be able to change their sound and explore new ways. I believe we have great fans that understand the process of music making, that not every album will or can sound the same. Our fans are also the ones that give us exactly that privilege….to write and record the songs we want, the way we want them to sound…and for that we are very grateful.”

The Sounds exploded on the alt-rock scene with their wildly lauded 2002 debut Living in America and its breakthrough singles “Seven Days a Week” and “Rock’n Roll”. Fronted by the striking Maja Ivarsson, The Sounds have continued to remain on the forefront of the music scene, releasing albums and touring the globe. “I think it’s a mutual love to music and to our fans,” explains Jesper about how they’ve been able to remain together for over a decade with the same line- up and still uphold their creative spark. “The key is to respect each other. It’s a weird thing to be together for that long. You might have disagreements but that’s the way it is sometimes, but if you can’t solve an argument, you shouldn’t start a band.”

The ‘Weekend’ starts here.



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