The Venetia Fair: Every Sick, Disgusting Thought We’ve Got In Our Brain Review

By on March 14, 2013

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To say The Venetia Fair’s sophomore LP is theatrical (a word so commonly associated with the band) would be quite the understatement—this release is a straight-up musical theme park. As the album’s intro “Too Late To Dream” builds, I’m not sure where I’m sonically headed: to the Spanish Inquisition, or to the 2004 Post-Hardcore scene? All I know is my ears cannot resist this ride. The album’s beautiful composition and instrumental mix are enticing enough, but when you add the catchy hooks, and sporadically-aggressive vocal outbursts of tracks like “The Day I Set Them Free” and “The Dirt Won’t Keep Your Secrets” this full-length becomes a must-listen.

The quality of this album is primarily built on three solid musical concepts: 1. It’s diverse instrumental injection into rhythmic rock music: melodically similar to band’s like Chiodos, but one that rounded up a few ska bands, fused to form a super group, then moved to Barcelona for inspiration: where they played for hot Spanish chicks sitting at outdoor cafes. “Pride Alone Won’t Put This Fire Out” is a perfect example of this concept: it’s a crucible of melody and symphony—following the album’s unique, more diverse, direction but still very catchy in a Rock sounding way. 2. Vocals our generation cannot help but to love: full of high-pitched aggression—laced with a dark sense of instability; notably displayed in the track “The Sky Came Down” (the definite favorite here over at HHM right now) and served up as a grandiose anthem. 3. Abstract: There’s just a musical sense of insanity conveyed by this album—a twisted upbeat mentality you can’t help but embrace. You can just tell these guys had a lot of fun making this record; making it fun for the listener to hop on it’s roller-coaster ride of insanity.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM