Alternative Indie Band from Vancouver: The Written Years

By on January 30, 2014

Alternative and Indie lovers can take a listen to an underground band from Vancouver, Canada: The Written Years.

“Affection, belonging, loss and nostalgia: four themes that encompass the lyrically driven music of The Written Years,” said The Written Years press kit.

People who enjoy listening to talented well put together music like The Kooks or The Smiths will enjoy The Written Years.

Soft vocals and slow melodic drops are what give The Written Years their Nostalgic feel.

Their new debut album, Self Titled, was released on the 28th and now available.

The band members consist of Wade Ouellet – Words, vocals, guitar and keyboards, Kodie Krogh – Guitar and vocals, and Kane Enders – Drums/percussion.

“We like to call ourselves “winter music” as our music and lyrics tend to encompass the feelings and atmosphere associated with those months,” Wade Ouellet said.

Interview with Wade Ouellet:

Q: How did the band members meet?

A: Kane and I were good friends growing up and eventually, when we both moved to Vancouver, we formed the original iteration of this band.

Kodie had been friends with Kane through another group of friends after high school, so when he moved to Vancouver as well, he naturally just became a part of the band.

Q: Who inspired you along the way to create your band?

A: For Kane and I, Moneen was a big inspiration for us originally. Being friends with them, we got to see the energy and passion they put into their performances. We wanted to make music that held that same personal attachment.

Kenny actually did some vocals on the last song on our record so it kind of came back full circle, which was pretty amazing to hear in the final recording.

Q: What is the significance behind your name?

A: The songs were based off a collection of different feelings and ideas that occurred throughout the six-year process of trying to write and re-write this album. The name instantly made sense to me as a reference to the process of chronicling significant parts of your life into song .

Q: What obstacles have you had to overcome to achieve the success you have so far?

A: Originally there were a lot of line-up changes, which caused the whole project to feel like somewhat of a pipe dream. Getting past that hurdle of playing our first show as The Written Years seems to be the most substantial barrier we crossed. From there, we were able to gain momentum and collectively keep getting better. The album was as well an obvious obstacle as it constantly forced to keep pushing ourselves to be better; as a new band, it was definitely a test of our abilities and the belief that we could pull it off.

Q: What do you love the most about being in a band?

A: For me, I love the process of creating something new and am somewhat grateful that I have the ability to put down those thoughts into such a rewarding outlet. I know both Kane and Kodie love being able to play these songs in front of people and hold each live show pretty close to heart.

Q: Best Experience so far?

A: I think I speak for all of us when I say that both hearing the finish record front to back and playing our first live Written Years show have been the most surreal moment so far.

Q: What’s the future for the band? Where do you see yourself heading next?

A: I just hope that we are given the ability to keep doing this in the future. As long as people keep listening and the support is there, we will be able to keep showing people our music – live and on record.

For the time being, we are going to keep trying to get this record out there to people but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already been getting excited about the thought of starting the writing process for the next record.

Author: Thalia Avila

Thalia Avila is passionate about finding talented bands/musicians for the purpose of giving them the spotlight they deserve in the world.