Tidewater “The Wedding” Review

By on March 20, 2013


  Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Easy Killer Records

Tidewater’s up coming release The Wedding is certain to make some waves. Tidewater’s Brett Allen will bring us ten songs on the album which nods to influences as diverse as David Gray, Maroon 5 and Two Doors Cinema. The instrumentation in this light hearted indie rock release is exactly what you would expect from the title of the album: a celebration of love. Each song on the album is filled with love themes that are sure to make your heart melt. The track that catches my ear and defiantly deserves multiple listens “Sing At Last” is filled with catchy hooks and vocal phrasing that will playfully wedging itself into your ears for days. The album is driven by creative acoustic guitar arrangements backed with flowing piano that will put you at ease. 

The track “Wedding Day” perfectly describes taking the leap of tying the knot, slowly building up the butterflies with a beautiful composition of strings that will make you feel as you are at the wedding. “You walk down the asile and we meet eyes, its hard not to laugh, it’s hard not to cry, its go we just repeat cause we don’t have the words to say this is our wedding day” the chorus is straight forward with describing the feeling of excitement of finally saying I do. 

The vocal power of Brett Allen is very unique and impressive with a range that is hard to believe, specifically in the song “Hear and now.” I thoroughly enjoyed listening through this album and can’t wait to see the excitement that it strikes in the music industry. Tidewater’s 2010 full-length, The Seas We Sail, climbed to the iTunes Top 100 Chart as well as the Top 20 on Smartpunk, and I think that The Wedding has a great chance of surpassing it.


Review by Beau – HHM / The Heavy Heavy Hearts

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