Tomas Barfod releases Beacon’s remix of ‘Busy Baby’; album ‘Love Me’ out Jun.10 on Secretly Canadian

By on May 25, 2014
Tomas Barfod

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Tomas Barfod has shared a remix from Ghostly International’s Beacon’s of latest single “Busy Baby.” Taking a pounding baseline and infusing it effortlessly with Nina K’s sweet vocals on the original mix, this rework sees the producer duo bring to the forefront the subtler elements of the track while tentatively maintaining that signature, pounding Beacon bass.



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Here is what Tomas had to say of the remix:


“It’s always fun to get a remix back from somebody, it’s like unwrapping a present when you receive the link for the file, and wait for the music to download. Sometimes the remixer totally messes the original, other times it’s a new little peace of art. Beacon succeeded to change the track completely yet keeping a lot of the elements from the original, which is a really hard task. I’m thrilled about their approach.”


Beacon added:


“A bit about our process: We like to send mixed messages to our synths… confuse them in a way. We will have the pc tell them to do one thing and simultaneously the internal computer inside the synths do another. The results always tend to surprise us and take chords in interesting directions. But its also frustrating and unreliable. Multiple takes, fingers crossed hoping the synth does something special. that’s the treatment we gave Barfod’s chords. you hear it start our remix, notes we’ve chopped and wrangled, dancing between the L and R mix. When it came to the vocals, we decided to use Nina’s voice more as an instrument, floating around, landing every once in a while to check in.”


The remix comes on the same days Tomas’ latest mix for Vice’s Thump. A collection of Tomas’ favorite house classics, the mix can be heard in full here. All this comes as Tomas Barfod preps his brand-new album, Love Me, for release on June 10th via Secretly Canadian. The album has already yielded two stellar singles from the record, “Busy Baby” and “Pulsing,” featuring musical kindred sprit Nina K. The album is currently available for pre-order via Secretly Canadian.


Back in the summer of 2012, Danish dance music polymath Tomas Barfod released his debut solo album, the sophisticated mesh of electronics that is Salton Sea. Lauded by the likes of Pitchfork, Dazed & Confused and Gorilla vs Bear, its success took Barfod slightly by surprise. Inspired by a move to LA and mainly written and recorded on the road, it was an album that was imbued with a sense of spontaneity and experimentation. Its success has paved the way for the forthcoming follow-up, Love Me, an album that continues this spirit of adventurousness but takes it to a whole new level. Utilizing a supporting cast that includes a string and brass section, and the likes of Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple and long-term collaborator Nina Kinert on vocal duties, it’s a multi-layered album that effortlessly pushes and pulls pop and electronic music into a myriad different shapes.


Tomas Barfod – Love Me

(Secretly Canadian – June 10th)


Pre-order The Album:

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1. Bell House (Feat. Luke Temple)

2. Pulsing (Feat. Nina K)

3. Destiny’s Child

4. Busy Baby (Feat. Nina K)

5. Honey (Feat. Sleep Party People)

6. Blue Matter (Feat. Jeppe Kjellberg)

7. Waiting For Us (Feat. Nina K)

8. Mandalay

9. Sell You (Feat. Night Beds)

10. Lost (Feat. Pell)

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