Tomb Mold at The Riffhouse

By on November 27, 2017

Photographed and written by Robert Escue

On Friday November 8, 2017, the Canadian death metal band Tomb Mold stopped in Chesapeake, Virginia’s RiffHouse Pub. Tour support was provided by Pittsburgh’s Taphos Nomos. Local suppoprt was provided by The Day of the Beast with a rare performance by Night Hag.

The Day of the Beast started the night off with a six-song set that touched on all three of their albums. Since lead singer Steve Harris moved to Maryland, the band plays less Hampton Roads dates and the crowd was quite happy to see them throw down again.

Pittsburgh’s Taphos Nomos brought another dimension to the evening as they played their brand of death/doom metal, which took the crowd by surprise.

The band everyone wanted to see was Tomb Mold as people posted links to their first effort “Primordial Malignancy” released February 3rd. Facebook was filled with comments as to how sick this album is and seeing the band play it live convinced the audience that the band could tear it up. The guitar work was incredible and using Gibson SG’s instead of the usual Jackson/ESP/Schecter/BC Rich axes contributed to their unique sound. Reminded me of when I saw Agalloch at Maryland Death Fest.

Night Hag, a band that was started in 2011 with three women and has gone through multiple iterations closed out the night with their take on doom metal. For the few that stuck around, they got an earful of some unique sounds.

The crowd was light considering there were five shows in the area, including Yngwie Malmsteen giving metal heads some tough choices. In addition, it was Samuel Fox’s last show as a promoter for True Metal Warrior booking. Samuel brought some unique bands to Hampton Roads and he will be missed. As far as I was concerned, this was the show to be at.