Top 5 Melodic Death Metal Albums Of All Time

By on March 31, 2013


Character (Cover)5. Dark TranquillityCharacter

Yes, Dark Tranquillity: the legends—their 2005 release Character was not only an amazing Melodeath effort, but a musical evolution and bastion: standing proof of the genre’s ability to thrive in a modern music scene.

Standout Tracks: Lost To Apathy | The New Build




20070908192017-anterior.-.this.age.of.silence.-promo-4. AnteriorThis Age Of Silence

Though short lived (so to speak) as a band, Anterior’s highly anticipated 2007 release: This Age Of Silence was met with astounding critical acclaim—notably for its pure take on the Melodic Death Metal genre and blazing rhythmic guitar work.

Standout Tracks: Human Hive | The Silent Divide





3. In FlamesCome Clarity

Out with the old, in with the new—the legendary pioneers In Flames unthinkably outdo their earlier fan-coveted albums: Clayman and The Jester Race. Not only was the album an artistic success, but a commercial one as well: selling over 400,000 copies worldwide—easily one of the top selling Melodeath albums of all time.

Standout Tracks: Crawl Through Knives | Come Clarity



At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul2. At The GatesSlaughter Of The Soul

1995’s Slaughter Of The Soul can be credited as musical inspiration for most, if not all, Death Metal bands today (weather they know it or not)—At The Gates was first: intricate melodies, buzz-saw rhythms, and brutal vocals that would create the most esteemed and long lasting legacy in the genre’s history; this is the crown jewel of Melodeath and a staple of any true fan.

Standout Tracks: Slaughter Of The Soul | Blinded By Fear



193771. NightrageSweet Vengeance

Possibly the best Melodic Death Metal album you haven’t heard—the highly anticipated return of former At The Gates vocalist: Tomas Lindberg to Melodeath occurred in the Death Metal super band Nightrage’s debut album Sweet Vengeance. It was everything At The Gates fans could have hope for, and then some—dazzling instrumentals, experimental growth, and the genre’s best vocals to be heard yet.

Standout Tracks: Hero | Elusive Emotion


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Written by Matt Crane – HHM