The Top 7 Warped Tour Stage Dives-Jumps

By on August 4, 2013


The Top 7 Warped Tour Stage Dives-Jumps

Written by @MattCrane

7. Bert McCracken (The Used) – Warped ‘04

Because Bert gives the lyrics, “Get Down!” a whole new meaning.

6. Ronnie Radke (Escape The Fate) – Warped ‘07

Because back in 2007, Ronnie could get away with this kind of stuff (without having charges pressed).

5. Wil Francis a.k.a. William Control (Aiden) – Warped ‘09

Because it takes balls to jump into a crowd that small.

4. Jonny Craig (Emarosa) – Warped ‘10

Because on this day, the crowd almost got their MacBook money back—ba dum tss—we love you Jonny.

3. Craig Mabbitt (Blessthefall) – Warped ‘07

Because Craig pulling these crazy stunts generated some serious buzz for a young blessthefall—making them Warped Tour 2007’s must-see band.

Honorable Mention: Craig Mabbitt – Bamboozle Left ‘08

Because it’s not Warped Tour, but Mabbitt sure came down on that crowd like a Guillotine.

2. Pouyan Afkary (Scary Kids Scaring Kids) – Warped ‘07

Because that looks scary… doesn’t it kids? He only plays the keyboard because daddy never came to his gymnastics competition.

1. Sonny Moore a.k.a. Skrillex (From First To Last) – Warped ‘04

Because note to self: that drop is bigger than any bass drop (skip to 2:07 for the climb & jump).