Trees Above Mandalay: Growing Pains EP Review

By on February 3, 2013

Release Date: February 19th

New Jersey alternative rockers Trees Above Mandalay are set to release their new EP this month entitled Growing Pains. The EP opens up with the song “Everything I Wish I Didn’t Know” where a familiar Post-Hardcore tone saturates the intro before some serious shredding kicks in, and impressive clean vocal highs take the reigns. “I’m Leading, You’re Biting” comes in next with a more experimental composition; an exotic rhythm and unique vocal delivery can’t help but remind of bands like Dance Gavin Dance. The EP’s 3rd track “We Felt Like Astronauts” picks up the tempo in a more Pop-Punk manner with a faster upbeat sound. “We’ll Sleep Just Fine” is another track with a more exotic [almost tropical] sound; the sound is perfectly synergized with the shining technical guitar skill of the band and contrasts quite admirably with the high-range singing displayed in the song. “Non Compos Mentis” showcases some of the EP’s raunchiest guitar work and takes a more grandiose musical path.

Growing Pains comes to an end with the track “As Easy As Breathing” by far the most diverse song on the release that serves as a fun and soft close to this EP. Growing Pains is a very creative release with a lot to offer; fans of the more experimental Post-Hardcore bands like Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Saosin, and even The Mars Volta are sure to enjoy. The EP drops February 19th; be sure to check the band’s Facebook page for more information.

Review by Matt Crane – HHM