Tristen Announce Kickstarter for C A V E S + Hear the single “No One’s Gonna Know”

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Tristen is excited to announce her own label Pupsnake Records, the home to her forthcoming sophomore album C A V E S. In order to release the album, the Nashville based and Chicago born artist has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to print, promote, and distribute her record. As an initial incentive she is offering up the first single “No One’s Gonna Know” as a download for a 1 dollar donation to the cause. Fans can also pre order the album, reserve their own copy of a limited edition vinyl, and purchase other fun and unique incentives via the Kickstarter campaign page.


Watch the Kickstarter video at the C A V E S campaign page 


Stream the single “No One’s Gonna Know” 


Fans can get a sneak peak at a second song from the forthcoming album via the fan created videos for “Gold Star”. The videos are the result of Tristen’s participation with the Video Star App (, which lets music fans film videos to go along with their favorite songs. The track was embraced by tens of thousands budding video stars. Here area few of our favorite entries.


“Gold Star” Fan Videos 


Soon after the release of her critically acclaimed debut record Charlatans At The Garden Gate in February 2011, Tristen began writing new songs on the Lowery Organ in her home studio. For the past two years she has spent her time between pounding the pavement and recording C A V E S. The journey began at Alex the Great studios in Nashville, where basic tracks were laid. She then spent blisteringly cold January in Omaha with Mike Mogis’ recording vocals and string arrangements. Tristen would make final stops at Los Angeles’ Sunset Sound and Nashville’s Sound Emporium to record finishing touches. With all recording complete, the album was sent over seas to accomplished UK producer Stephen Hague for mixing.


Tristen won honors for Charlatans At The Garden Gate as the Nashville Scene‘s #1 Local Release of 2011. The record was also labeled one of American Songwriters Top 50 Albums of the year. Upon its release it was met with wide ranging critical praise from sources including NPR, Rolling Stone, Spin, Paste, KCRW, World Café, The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and more.


“Her addictive debut is full of such moments: catchy refrains with multiple meanings, ear-tugging melodies with hidden hooks. She flaunts a philosophy major’s palette amidst echoes of vintage rockabilly and girl group pop: Gods battle, queens bid their rule, girlfriends enable druggy lovers.” -Rolling Stone


“Charlatans at the Garden Gate flaunts Tristen’s pop education. The hooks on these 11 songs often whip things into a giddy, exuberant frenzy. But she’s got a pensive side, too – she’s comfortable riding the bittersweet roads that ’70s singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson knew so well.” – NPR All Things Considered 


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