Trouble In Mind releases The Hollows and Estrogen Highs – 60s-drenched girl pop and ramshackle punk jams

By on May 5, 2012

Started in Chicago in 2009 as a way to release 7″s with perfect pop songs, Troublein Mindexpanded their catalogue of highly praised LPs with releases from Hollowsand Estrogen Highs.

Taking the girl-group influence of their previous recordings and introducing that innocence to sophisticated and nuanced sonic territories on their sophomore LP, Vulture, Hollows have time warped their 60s wall-of-sound into a thoroughly modern effort – give a listen to album track “V Is For Vulture.”  For more info on Hollows including press praise and interviews, click here.

Exploding out of New Haven, CT, Estrogen Highs released their newest collection of ramshackle and catchy-as-hell punk jams on Irrelevant Future.  The project that began as Stefan Christensen playing and recording everything solo in 2007 has become a fully jelled, rock-solid, full-band quartet.  Full of the off-kilter weirdness that Estrogen Highs fans have come to love, Irrelevant Future also features one of the most straight ahead pop songs of their career, “I Wanna Be Tall,”– of which Imposesaid – “theoretically, this song is what all my dreams are made of, and if the rest of their upcoming LP on Trouble in Mind sounds like this, we may be talking Instant Classic status.”
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Started in Chicago in 2009 as a way to release 7″s with perfect pop songs, Trouble in Mindexpanded their catalog of releases in 2011 with LPs from Mikal Cronin, Night Beats, The Wax Museums, The Paperhead and The Wrong Words! Check out this playlist with a track from each release plus a bonus track from the Apache Dropout 7″.
In 2012, Trouble in Mind’s exciting release schedule continues with new music from the Estrogen Highs, Hollows, the Resonars and the return of the SXSW/Record Store Day 4-way covers split 7″ featuring exclusive cover songs performed by Mikal Cronin, The Liminanas, The Paperhead and Apache Dropout.
Trouble in Mindhas releases in excellent record stores near you from Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time), Alex Cuervo, The Limiñanas, Vermillion Sands, Wounded Lion, Personal & the Pizzas, The Wrong Words, Tropical Sleep, Sticks N Stones, Night Beats, The Hex Dispensers, The Mean Jeans, The Limiñanas, Hollows, Ty Segall, Tyler Jon Tyler, Wheels on Fire, Sonic Chicken 4, Charlie & the Moonhearts, The Fresh & Onlys and The White Wires delivering on their mission to put “the emphasis back on the music and prove that the 2 1/2 minute pop song is alive and well.”
Trouble In Mind interviews with The Onion A.V. Club, Fracture Compound and Neu Magazine.


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