Trust Fall: work hard, play weird, stay kvlt review

By on December 2, 2012

When I saw that Flannel Gurl Records had posted a new band to review I couldn’t help myself, what with Citycop being one of my favorite bands on their label. So listening to  Trust Fall’s work hard, play weird, stay, Kvlt  I was stoked. They incorporate a lot of “twinkle”  guitar riffs that are progressive and tranquil, with aggressive screaming punk vocals. The quality of the recording is a little rough but doesn’t take away from the music by any means. I only wish the release was more than three songs.

“Be Your Own Bird” starts off with a group chant that leads into a progression of drums and feedback. The hammer ons, pull offs and slides in this song sound vibrant and cheerful. The melodic plucked chords from the clean guitar are uplifting and build into a distortion driven verse. The intricate guitar parts sound a little muddy in the transition from clean to distortion but the catchy mathematic riffs make it hardly noticeable.

“Worm Holes and Semantics” take an interesting approach, beginning with a mellow interlude that has a slow and calming echoing  guitar sound that practically soothes the listener to sleep. When the instruments fade out a happy upbeat guitar chug emerges that gives off a 90’s Superchunk feel. The energetic rhythms and abrupt pauses in this song are slick with memorable guitar fills and bass lines.

 In the song “21 Steps to Nowhere,” the guitar starts off with a few strums and hops into a happy tapping style guitar riff. The chords used in the chorus are lush and full with moving clean settings. Near the end the song  things get heavier with deeper vocals that move into a climatic ending leaving the listener in a positive mood wanting more.  Here is a link to listen in:

Track Listing: 

1. Be Your Own Bird

2. Wormholes and Semantics

3. 21 Steps to Nowhere

RIYL: Suis La Lune, CSTVT, and Vowel

Review by Daryl Hudson – HHM


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