Tyler Daniel Bean: Longing

By on December 2, 2012

Everyone has those albums that become staples of the season. The pop-punk record you listen to daily in the summer, the acoustic EP that’s a go-to in the fall, or whatever that album is that reminds you of that person you met last spring. Now I give you the perfect winter album: Tyler Daniel Bean’s Longing.

The album opens with a delicate riff in “Flowers At My Feet;” something so fragile it sounds as though it could shatter if you turn it up too loud. Until the last minute and 15 seconds kicks in that is. Bean’s vocal delivery throughout the album often feels as slow and as heavy as the heart that helped write the words. Both “Lake Eola” and “To Give Up Hope At Twenty Years” are prime examples. The latter builds a sort of tension that never quite seems to come to a head, but instead spills over into the following track.

“I’m Just Going To Go Home and Not Make Any Progress” is the closest thing to a standard love song, though it makes an abrupt 180 at the end. It features guest vocals with Jessica McDermott (The New & Very Welcome) which adds a subtle layer to what would be a much simpler song.

Tracks six through 10 may very well be the strongest on the album, but that could also be the gray skies and inches of rain outside swaying my opinion. Either way, this is about the point the album starts to get a bit darker. Something in the way Bean sings “You’re becoming the world and everyone in it/ Oh, how I hate the world and everyone in it,” the closing line of “Sometimes The Details Are Underground,” leaves a weight in your chest that’s so satisfyingly somber you can’t help but restart it.

If you’re into that sort of thing, you should stream and buy the album here. It’s name your own price right now:

RIYL: The American Scene, Balance and Composure, Pedro The Lion

Track Listing: 

1. Flowers At My Feet
2. I Think It’s Time To Go Back To Our Original Smoothie Plan
3. Heather Lane
4. Lake Eola
5. I’m Just Going To Go Home and Not Make Any Progress
6. Rootbeerlington
7. To Give Up Hope At Twenty Years
8. It’s Vegan, Not Vagen II
9. It’s Like Living at a Vegan Diner
10. Sometimes The Details Are Underground

Review by Alisha Kirby – HHM

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