U.K. Hip Hop Artist: Gak Jonze Interview

By on December 21, 2012

HHM: How long have you been working in the music industry?

Gak: About 7 years now, 

HHM: Have you worked in any projects before starting your solo career?

Gak: Yeah, my most recent was City Boy Soul… we had a top 40 hit in EU with a song called Be Ok ft former Sugababes star Mutya Buena. I was also lead vocals in Cascade!

HHM: What would you say is the major difference being in the UK rap game and in the states?

Gak: I used to think there was a major difference but there really isn’t, a great track is great track… simple! The reach is the only thing I can see that differs, I mean Hip Hop fans in the US are by the millions!! Whereas Hip Hop fans in the UK are by the thousands!! This is merely coz of country size …. Everything else is just putting in work. 

HHM: Your debut single “Rock Boi”, how did you get hooked up with City Boy, who is featured on the track?

Gak: Yeah me and CiTi B0Y go back far, when I was in City Boy Soul I got him in as our main producer. It was him who produced “BE OK”

HHM: What’s the inspiration behind the track?

Gak: Mostly touring and all the parties, the whole rock’n’roll lifestyle…there is a message in it tho if you listen to lyrics closely…

HHM: Have you been touring in Europe and abroad? 

Gak: Yes! I’ve not had the pleasure of touching Europe fully yet but Germany was awesome, I hit down a club called P1’s in Munich the crowd was insane!! Nuff love!! ….I just recently finished touring the single in Oman, Mumbai, Sri Lanka, Melbourne & Bangkok! The response was huge, really friendly I made a lot of new friends… I keep in touch with them all on my Facebook (www.facebook.com/gakjonze)

HHM: Where do you have your sights set on touring now? 

Gak: I really wanna get out to Denmark, Poland, Amsterdam and France as I know my fan base is pretty strong out there so I hope to in the 2013. Defo wanna hit Brazil, Japan, then America!……..and Oman again!

HHM – So the single Rock Boi it’s out now right??

Gak: Yes!! The single and dubstep remix (uRban’s Revenge) is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all good online retailers! Grab a copy! http://tinyurl.com/cabw2dj

HHM: Any plans on releasing an ep or full length? 

Gak: I do, The Album’s called “Intelligent Mess” and will be out in the summer of 2013! I’m singing too, so it’s extra special lol 

HHM: You’ve gotten quite a bit of TV exposure over the past few years, how much of a boost has that given your career?

Gak: 100% Doors are opening! I’ve recently had a few scripts sent my way for a couple of movies next year, and been invited to a lot more showbiz/red carpet parties recently. Which has been great exposure.

HHM: In the R&B and Hip Hop community, artists seem to help each other out a lot, getting on each other’s track etc. When you’re writing new music, do you have someone in mind in particular during the process?

Gak: hahaha! For sure, it’s all part of the process for me. I would love to work with Labyrinth, Wiz Khalifa, Calvin Harris, Eminem, SBTRKT or The Weeknd. -Guys if your reading this get your people call my people and lets make a hit!

HHM: Where do you see yourself in your careers progression?

Gak: My main focus is being the best I can as an entertainer, and being successful in business. So I see myself as a” Bowse!!” 

HHM: What would you say is the most important to maintaining that progression?

Gak: Focus, Passion and lots of hard work.

HHM: Any news that is forthcoming that you would like to share? 

Gak: I am currently recording my bits for an Australian Animated Movie “Fried Rice” Out in 2013. I play an agent for the FBI hahahaha! Got a few international tours in preparation for next year too so keep tuned to my website for more updates! 

Check Out Gak Jonze “Rock Boi” ft. City Boy 

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