Wax Museums return after a 3 year hiatus with an album

By on May 29, 2011

North Texas’ lovable misfits the Wax Museums return after a 3 year hiatus
with an album full of nerdy, sexually frustrated, killer punk anthems –
Eye Times is out June 28, 2011 via Chicago’s Trouble In Mind.

For a preview of the new LP, check out Eye Times track “Tunguska,” over at Vice.
Wax Museums are back [and] they are capable of making brilliantly dumb garage punk. And OK, even though the new record sounds a little more hi-fi and a little less snotty (an Old School to their previous American Pie) they’re still the coolest virgins out there.

Grab “Tunguska” and previously Impose-premiered album track “Sunburn”
and prepare to get low with the Wax Museums.

Tour dates coming soon!
Praise for Wax Museums
Their idiot savant rock is wedged between Milo Aukerman’s brilliant simplicity and The Spits savage brilliance.  Their music celebrates all things simple, and 97% of the time, that turns out to be a good thing.

There’s a fine line between stupid and brilliant, and Wax Museums are sitting right on it, grinning like maniacs.

It’s such a quick power-driven number that you can’t help but get attached from the moment those drums clash with the guitars in a cacophonous moment of energy and melody.  With members from Bad Sports, Silver Shampoo and Mind Spiders, there’s not a reason in the world why this won’t be super awesome.
Austin Town Hall

It’s catchy, slightly sloppy and simple. Basically the way punk should be.

More on Wax Museums
Wait, have the Wax Museums MATURED?!?!?! After a 3 year hiatus north TX’s lovable misfits (who share members with The Bad Sports and Mind Spiders) are back with a four- headed thirteen eyed monster of an album that while still slightly awkward, is undeniably focused and endearing. ‘Eye Times’ is a musical step forward with moments of glammy art-rockness that proves once and for all these clowns ain’t just one-joke jerks. ‘Mosquito Enormo’ swarms and stings with it’s way-out delay pedal induced chaos and ‘Bruiser’ proves the Wax Museums still just write killer punk anthems. The charming nerd-o aesthetic that was so prevalent on the early singles and first LP remain, but NOW with added sexual frustration, ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ just very well might be the Wax Museum’s “Me So Horny“ … or something.
RIYL: Bad Sports, Cheap Time, Icky Boyfriends, Dickies, Devo

Started in Chicago in 2009 as a way to release 7″s with perfect pop songs, Trouble in Mind has releases in excellent record stores near you from Jeffrey Novak (Cheap Time), Alex Cuervo, The Limiñanas, Vermillion Sands, Wounded Lion, Personal & the Pizzas, The Wrong Words, Tropical Sleep, Sticks N Stones, Night Beats, The Hex Dispensers, The Mean Jeans, The Limiñanas, Hollows, Ty Segall, Tyler Jon Tyler, Wheels on Fire,Sonic Chicken 4, Charlie & the Moonhearts, The Fresh & Onlys and The White Wires 
and LPs from San Francisco’s purveyors of ragged pop The Wrong Words, Nashville psych explorers The Paperhead, mind-blowing psychic sprawl from Seattle’s The Night Beats and killer Texan garage punk from Wax Museums,
delivering on their mission to put “the emphasis back on the music and prove that the 2 1/2 minute pop song is alive and well.”
Trouble In Mind interviews with The Onion A.V. ClubFracture Compound and Neu Magazine.


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