When Kentucky Meets Miami – Introducing Amtrac, debut album “Came Along”

By on September 27, 2011

When Kentucky meets Miami

Releases “Came Along” the debut album
 Super Music Group 
Released today 9/27/2011
Amtrac the solo project of Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett, has just the right mixture of pop and cutting-edge sonics to break through the void. On “Came Along,” Amtrac guides a rapid, crunchy beat and electric piano figures to a thoroughly mature songwriting space. He’s restless, though. This poise quickly evolves into spliced samples flickering across the track in microtonal dots — a true dancefloor deconstruction.” –RCRD LBL

How does one eclectic and risk taking mutli-instrumentalist/producer/songwriter / vocalist from Kentucky find himself moving to Miami and opening for Alex Metric at LIV Nightclub in the Fontainbleau, landing a premiere on RCRD LBL for his single, that’s quickly embraced by the blogsphere and jets to #1 on the Hype Machine, and then lands a premiere on MTV Clubland for his first official video all before releasing his debut LP?
Enter Amtrac

While Miami is certainly a familiar place when it comes to hearing about electronic music, a small town in Eastern “Blue Grass” Kentucky on the other hand seems like it’s on the opposite side of the world let alone music spectrum for an inspiring electronic musician. For Caleb Cornett aka Amtrac it was where he had found his niche, his own form of self expression. 

 “Amtraks’ break down a lot and I tend to break it down to the basics,” he explains on how he came up with his name. Perhaps it is indeed the unusual instrumental dexterity of his bluegrass upbringing that first influenced his style of music. “First and foremost I love organic sounds so much that I will always try to incorporate it all into one package,” he remarks A cathartic yet textured warmth that he clearly embraces on the 13 songs contained on his debut album “Came Along”.  An album that is the definitive journey of years in the making and demonstrates how Amtrac has proven he has the authenticity it takes to stand out in a world full of gimmicks.
Making a name for himself remixing a diverse array of artists including Metric, Chromeo, Apparat, Treasure Fingers and The Beach Boys – as well as sharing the stage with Diplo, Mr.Oizo and Aoki – On his debut full length LP,Amtrac showcases his ability as a producer, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.
“You limit yourself when you pigeonhole yourself to a genre, and for me there are no limits. I believe in tempo not the genre”.   Songs such as ‘Fame or Shame,straddle the minimalistic yet ethereal approach with it’s ghostly like vocals coupled with an electronic jam.  While ‘Out of Order’ pushes a hip hop beat with an underlined dubstep wobble bass which lays underneath lush organic sounds. Whereas the title track and first single‘ Came Along struts along so cooly with its body-moving percussion imbued with fractured longing and melancholy amidst the slamming rhythms. 

A completely self taught musician, at the ripe age of 12, Amtrac trained himself how to play acoustic guitar, bass and keyboards and educated himself in music theory. He formed a few bands in school with his friends who shared a particular affinity for post rock bands’ symphonic instrumental pieces that feature dynamic contrast- such as Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky Artists such as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke who’s minimilstic approach to making ethereal music with lots of reverb and falsetto vocals was also an inspiration. 

As internet was not a big thing in Kentucky, he recalls seeing The Prodigyvideos late at night on TV while the whole break beat and big beat era was kicking off around the world. Following that, Amtrac started deconstructing programs and started making beats on the side while learning various computer programs during the Napster craze.  His first few singles were picked up by a local indie label and he started playing live with his one man show while being sandwiched in between rap acts.  A true testament to his conviction to make it as a performer in the electronic music world. However it was a trip to DC to see The Prodigy during their Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned tour perform with Adam Freeland that was life changing.  “That was the first time I saw a dj rock a crowd.” 

Amtrac will certainly be rocking the crowds as he takes his live show on the road this year. A cross breed between a live show and a dj set that will feature everything from keyboards, laptops, smoke machines and a cover song or two. “I like the versatility of a live set, when you listen to my record it’s like a head phone record, but when you come see me live, it’s going to have that raw energy.”
Amtrac’s video for “Came Along” will premiere on MTV Clubland this October.
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