White Mystery live on JBTV, plan a new release and add tour dates!

By on January 6, 2012

Legendary television program JBTV features White Mystery in a new episode with performances of “Birthday,” “Power Glove” and “Take A Walk” as well as interviews about being in a sibling band and innovative merchandise.
White Mystery unleashes new vinyl on Perpetrator Records on April 20, 2012, and the single “Sea of Infamy” will be revealed soon! White Mystery continues to add tour dates and SXSW shows, including a headlining performance at this year’s Tomorrow Never Knows Festival in Chicago.
White Mystery’s Blood & Venom is featured on Best Of 2011 lists from MTV to Huffington Post to Brooklyn Vegan – check out the super fun video for album track “Birthday,” and get ready to party.
Full tour dates and more music below!

Jan 15 – Schuba’s Tavern – Chicago, IL
Tomorrow Never Knows Fest
Feb 11 – Cowboy Monkey – Champaign, IL
Mar 2 – Gabe’s Oasis – Iowa City, IA
Mar 3 – Brother’s Lounge – Omaha, NE
Mar 4 – Zoo Bar – Lincoln, NE
Mar 8 – Jackpot Music Hall – Lawrence, KS
Mar 10 – Hi Tones – San Antonio, TX
Mar 18 – Club Dada – Dallas, TX
Meet White Mystery
If you’re a fan of stripped down garage rock, loud drums, and/or redheads, meet your perfect match. White Mystery is the two-piece brother/sister duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White. Praised by MTV , The Chicago Tribune, LA Weekly, Sound Opinions, Village Voice, Austin Chronicle and Elle Magazine Brazil to name just a few, the native Chicagoans self-released two albums and logged 30,000 miles touring North America in 2011. Having played with Weezer, Mavis Staples, and The Gories, this ferocious duo is known for “explosive live shows,” “abrupt violence” and “innocent glee.”
Watch the red head love extravaganza of “Powerglove” and if you’ve never seen the power of White Mystery live,
head on over to WMTV for live videos, interviews and more!

“Dig some ferocious, stripped-down garage rock from Chicago’s fiery-headed brother/sister duo White Mystery.”

“Alex and Francis White drop us down into the middle of a city, right smack into the hornet’s nest, the over-developed center of societal, commercial, architectural and mental congestion, when they blast out with White Mystery songs.”

Press love White Mystery
Whereas the White Stripes looked to the blues tradition for inspiration, White Mystery only go back as far back as the Sonics, though they’re also clearly influenced by bands from later decades as well (the MC5 stick are a big one). Alex White’s Kathleen Hannah-esque vocals put them in a space never even ten-foot-poled by the Stripes, and Francis Scott Key White’s drumming is clean and precise compared to Meg White’s primal thumping.

Everything the White Stripes once pretended to be, White Mystery actually is. Midwestern sis-bro duo Alex and Francis Scott Key White play ferocious, tuneful garage rock, proving that hiring a bass player is as unnecessary as looking outside of one’s bloodline for band mates. The main difference between these Whites and Jack and Meg: The girl is up front. Alex is the group’s shredding, soul-barker star, while Francis holds it down on drums, very nearly claiming the spotlight for himself.
MTV Hive

So you have the remarkable garage rock of Alex White and her brother Francis to start things off. It’s drums, guitar and a mountain of red hair. It’s also primal drumming, simple lyrics and an energy that remind you of what it must have been like at the beginning of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s also too cool for words.
Chicago Tribune

White Mystery have always snagged a few hooks but the beauty of the band lies in lodging said hooks in a pound of swagger and the kind of from the hip thrust that hits you like a swung guitar to the head.
Raven Sings the Blues

Gnarly, fuzzed out psychedelic headfuckers that will probably piss off your neighbors if played at a high enough volume…Alex’s snarl is equally as nasty as the buzzsaw she seems to be wielding at the end of the song, and you’re left wondering if the White Mystery are the final nail in the coffin of garage rock or if this is an entirely different animal.

It’s easy to fall back on adjectives such as “hot,” “fiery,” “explosive,” etc. when talking about White Mystery, but not because the Chicago-based brother-sister duo strike quite a pose with their matching shocks of bright red hair. Rather it’s their music—a molten slab of rock & roll simmering in vast washes of fuzz and reverb—that’s so scorching.
Agit Reader

Having stomped mightily through the beery house shows of their Chicago hometown, White Mystery feels ready to bring a red scare to the world. It’s garage rock with mirth that these two do, strutting like the coolest kid at a roller skating party and dancing til the sweat rolls all the way down the fretboard. Feeling glad all over never goes out of style.
Village Voice

The duo’s second album, Blood and Venom, is filled with much of the same style of garage-rock that inspires rock critics to throw out words like “blistering,” “raw” and “dirty.” And White Mystery definitely are these things…[the tracks] have enough raw riff-based power and soulful grit to suggest that Mystery singer Alex White is really Aretha Franklin and Tony Iommi rolled into one

Fans of their first full-length, self-titled and self-released, will not be disappointed — the duo continue to mix simple but memorable melodies with raw guitar rhythms and stock blues licks, and this time around, they’ve made abundant use of effects for a psych twist.
LA Weekly

The mix of Keith Moon-style pummeling and Exene-worthy, blastoff-engine pipes (tossed around wildly as their curly red mops) seemed to only get better with more face time.

Sister Alex White is a wild-banshee woman, screaming and shredding her way through party mantras and non-sequitur self-mythologizing as brother Frances White bashes away like Animal on acid.
Los Gorillos Collective

On Blood & Venom White Mystery stomps and lurches and screams bloody murder like the scummiest of Detroit punk bands, continuing and occasionally besting the cacophony of their debut.
Chicago Sun Times

This is pure energy. This is Jolt Cola mixed with Red Bull and injected into a bluesman’s heart. This is garage rock that would blow the walls off any garage that tried to contain it. This is proof of the old saying, “If you want trouble, find yourself a red head.” Trouble never sounded so good.
Atlanta Music Guide

Alex White is a towering, impressive presence that will force listeners to pay attention.
The Joy of Violent Movement

While still steeped in the raw, dirty guitar and animalistic drumming that made last year’s self-titled debut such a success, White Mystery take to honing their sound on Blood & Venom. The result is a much more focused and refined album, but one that still speaks to the heart of classic rock ‘n’ roll.
Loud Loop Press

Seemingly conjured up like a rusty genie from a crate of musty 45s found in a yard sale, anyone without prior knowledge would assume (and rightfully so) upon hearing a recording of this band that it was possibly a reproduction of some Grace Slick side project done during the singer’s most Woodstockian days.

The real attraction is White Mystery, the new duo forged by Miss Alex White, best known as the guitar-wielding blowtorch in her long-running gig with Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra. With drummer Francis White, she reduces her love of soul-fired garage rock to its butt-kicking essence.
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune

It’s great fun to see the redheaded siblings headbanging like matching “Fraggle Rock” puppets in their ecstatic live show, but White Mystery holds up as more than a concert flyer. The guitar goes from dirty-sounding to dirtier-sounding, the hooks are straightforward and stupidly catchy, and the singing is a belly-deep shout at the top of Alex White’s range on almost every track…But even more than bratty lyrics, posessed vocals, or perpetual swagger, these songs beam with a sincere, almost perverse feeling of pride.
Pitchfork – 7.2

Americanos primos.
ELLE Magazine Brazil

Guitar-bass garage rock duos are a dime a dozen, but White Mystery from Chicago stand out and not just because siblings Alex and Francis are flaming redheads. Alex, formerly of Red Orchestra, has a soulful wail that she lets belt out at top register…And you just know — you just know — they’re gonna be good live.
Brooklyn Vegan

The average White Mystery song has a whole lot going on…There’s a distorted series of power chords and a jangly set of higher guitar licks played over that; a soulful female voice bursts through, only to be joined by a caveman-like male voice for a crude harmony as drums crash to keep up with the guitar’s sheer volume…The genetic connection makes something happen in their shows that verges on magic for Alex. “Sometimes when we play together live,” she says, “there will be these moments of synchronicity that are so powerful that I feel like I’m levitating.”
Paste – Best of What’s Next

Every time I listen to a record that features Alex in the lead singer spot, I think to myself something ridiculous like: “that girl has a voice like a tornado kicking the shit out of a 4-alarm fire.” She wails on her guitar and shouts like a woman possessed. What she’s involved with now is quite possibly my favorite of all her projects: the two piece band with her brother Francis, White Mystery.

Alex bounced around like a buoy on rough waters while Francis flailed behind the drums, somehow managing to keep the beat.
Fred Perry Subculture

The feisty garage rock duo takes their audience by storm with Alex’s robust vocals and fierce guitar, perfectly emphasized by brother Francis’s powerful drums. Catching this band live will leave you with a dose of divine rock ‘n roll and a reason to cherish redheads.
China Shop

White Mystery have stripped bare to the skeleton of rock, flaying the skin and leaving only the essentials of movement and of course sweat to remain howling on the floor. It’s been a while since the Raven turntable has met a release that bears such repeated listens. In short, you need this one.
Raven Sings the Blues

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