The Wild Beyond announce vinyl release of debut EP ‘Wake Up’

By on February 11, 2015

The Wild BeyondThere is no denying vinyl’s rise in popularity in recent years, and one of the most challenging and original releases of recent times – the debut EP from the Wild Beyond, ‘Wake Up’ – has been issued on vinyl. “I was thinking about a vinyl release during production,” recalls Max Hodes, the mastermind behind The Wild Beyond. “The way the songs’ lengths came out, it seemed natural. And given that vinyl is awesome, it also seemed awesome.”


“The difference is in sound quality and that one can’t play the songs through continuously. I arranged the album so that ‘Wake Up’ would feed into ‘Opening.’ Both songs are in B minor. I looked at the latter as a response to the former. But ALSO as a preposition. I like listening to the record in reverse order, beginning in B minor and ending in D major. The sound quality difference is a matter of preference. But there can be no question that looking at Ioannis’ gorgeous artwork in the larger format is definitely preferable.”


On the surface, the Wild Beyond make music that nods to classic rock without being retro or a throwback. It’s influenced and inspired by the music of another era and another time, but its anchor is firmly entrenched in the here and the now. The Wild Beyond are admittedly a rock band influenced by jazz fusion and that is what makes them so unique, allowing for such sonic fluidity and experimentation.


Originally, Max cut his musical teeth in Brooklyn and now resides in Oakland, California, as he continues the process of honing his craft and recruiting musicians, fellow players and personnel to aid his quest of making an unforgettable musical racket.


And according to the band’s leader, he is in the first stages of putting a tour together in support of ‘Wake Up.’ And what better way to prepare for the Wild Beyond concert experience than with the freshly released vinyl version of their debut!


the wild beyond vinyl

Track listing for the vinyl:

Side A

Fire’s Body
Just One Drop
Reflex Driver
Wake Up

Side B





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