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By on December 4, 2012

Eriksson says the entire recording is based on the tempos, keys and lengths of songs from the Van Halen original. But the album sounds very little like the hard rock godfathers, even with all their synths. Eriksson’s version has more kinship with his other forebears like Kraftwerk, Wendy Carlos, Afrika Bambaataa. Where Van Halen reach out and pull you in towards them, (J.D. Considine, then writing for Rolling Stone, mentioned the “hot licks, growls, screams and seemingly impossible runs to wilder frontiers”) Hortlax Cobra creeps out ever so stealthily to draw you in closer. 

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Ingrid Presents Hortlax Cobra – 1984; A Sonic Homage to Van Halen and Companion to Debut Album Night Shift

John Eriksson returns as his electronic alter ego Hortlax Cobra this winter with 1984, the musical prequel to his debut album Night Shift. 1984 is due out December 12th on the Swedish Artist Collective INGRID and is a sonic experiment in which Hortlax Cobra takes Van Halen‘s seminal record 1984 on an electronic ride through time. 1984 is filled with all original music but with the same track lengths, tempos, keys and song-titles as the songs on the classic Van Halen record 1984.

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 As Hortlax Cobra, John explores the world of electronic and acoustic music. In his own music lab he melts down the influences from classical and contemporary music and from his work in the Swedish pop trio Peter Bjorn and John into a musical blend of lo-fi disco, minimalism, action-movie soundtrack music from the 80’s, sound collage and synth-pop. His sparkling debut album Night Shift, released June 4th, is a soundtrack that takes you through nocturnal decisions, pointless phone calls and hazy thoughts around the hour of the wolf…

 Night Shift and 1984: Two comprehensive album siblings visually connected to each other by the mysterious artworks by INGRID’s art director Jonas Torvestig.

“Peter, Bjorn & John’s third wheel channels M83 via DFA…”


 “…if someone from ABBA would have made an album together with someone from Kraftwerk under the influence.”


 “What we’ve got here is a propulsive, electronic ode to romantic longing.”


 “…Hortlax Cobra has crafted an auditory journey that leads to a phantasmagoric haze.”




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