Woe, Is Me “Genesi[s]” Review

By on November 15, 2012

1. D-Day
2. F.Y.I.
3. A Story To Tell
4. With Our Friend[s] Behind Us Feat. Caleb Shomo of Attack Attack!
5. Nothing Left To Lose 
6. The Walking Dead
7. I Came, I Saw, I Conquered
8. Call It Like You See It
9. I’ve Told You Once
10. Family First Feat. Matty Mullins
11. Nothing Left To Lose (Acoustic)

After doing preproduction on this album twice due to technical problems Woe, Is Me will be releasing their new album “Genesis[s]” on Nov. 20th in stores. The band stated that the meaning behind the title of the new album “Genesis[s]” is symbolic of a new beginning for the band. The intro “D-Day” leaves you on the edge of your seat while continuing into the second track “F.Y.I” , from start to finish you have metalcore screaming, in your face drums, and aggressive guitar. “A Story To Tell” keeps up the fast tempo with in your face lyrics such as “say whatever you need to say, but make sure you choose your words well, and if you suddenly find yourself speechless, i’ll give you a story to tell”, leaving you wanting more. “With Our Friends Behind Us” has a compilation of metalcore screaming, and flowing melodious vocals that you can easily find yourself singing along to. Skip ahead a few tracks to track eight “Call It Like You See It” you find yourself remembering why you liked Woe, Is Me in the first place sounding a lot like their first album “Numbers”.  “I’ve Told You Once” is another in your face track with it’s mischievous opening guitar riffs that quickly bust into full out metalcore mayhem. The last track on this album is “Nothing Left To Lose” acoustic, these lyrics are the absolute perfect ending to this album, the opening lyrics “did you honestly think for a second, we’d played our final song, in spite of those who disagree it feels damn good to prove you wrong” shows that they have some fire left in them and there are big things to come. 

Reviewed by Harley Hughes

Hance Alligood -Vocals- @hance_
Doriano Magliano -Vocals-@DorianoMagliano
Austin Thornton -Drums- @WoeIsAustin
Kevin Hanson -Guitars- @WoeIsKevin
Andrew Paiano -Guitars- @AndrewPaiano
Brian Medley -Bass- @BrianNMedley

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