Work Off Those Holiday Pounds with Cyber PR!

By on December 1, 2011
Need motivation to work off those holiday pounds? Work off those calories with Cyber PR new media makers JogTunes and The Cadence Revolution.

After you’ve eaten to your hearts content make sure you burn those calories off with the new Jogtunes Podcast App and The Cadence Revolution Workout Mixes!

The new JogTunes App is incredible! With a finger scroll and 2 taps you can match the beat with your feet to awesome quality indie music.

They find tunes, calculate the tempos in beats-per-minute, sequence them into perfect workout sessions and present them in this convenient new app

These workouts are currently presented on the popular JogTunes Indie Podcast. Using this app you get all of the previous episodes plus every new episode without the fuss of syncing and searching

Major features:
• All episodes of the podcast starting with the latest show.
• Episodes easily identified by duration, genre, and format.
• Brief descriptions of each show right in the episode list
• You can mark your favorites, add comments, and track the number of times each episode was played

You can purchase and download the app here:

The Cadence Revolution

The whole purpose of Cadence Revolution is to help motivate and move you to improve your physical fitness regardless of whether you are just starting out, looking to maintain or improve your conditioning through the power and emotion of music

The Cadence Revolution grew out of a love of music and fitness in February of 2007 when the snow was flying, and was designed to bring the sensation of being outside, inside to get people through the long cold dark days of winter, and began with simple 30 minute mix of music to work out to.

Since then Cadence Revolution has grown, not just in audience size but in length offering weekly 30 minute and 60 minute Cardio Mixes and special 90 minute Cardio Mixes of music to workout to, along with a weekly Featured Artist Track.

Each Cardio mix is seamlessly with no pauses or skips with Mixmesiter Studio 7, and covers a wide range of genres so that there is always something for everyone. From Alternative, Blues, Country, Dance, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rock. You name it they’ve just about played it.

Here are few other artists that will get you up and going!

Relevant Discord
Genre: Rock, Alternative, Post-Grunge , ProgRock

RELEVANT DISCORD is a modern rock act whose roots find ground in the raw angst and energy of the post-grunge movement yet whose branches of sound find distinction with the beauty and tension of string work and occasional dissonant elements. Lyrically, RELEVANT DISCORD’s work captures a depth, intensity, and honesty often found absent in many mainstream releases. All the while, RELEVANT DISCORD offers listeners a finished product possessing both independent and commercial appeal.

Ten Year Vamp
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Modern Rock, Rock

Ten Year Vamp… female-fronted, high-energy, modern radio rock… Pink meets the Foo Fighters with pints full of personality, charm, and sex appeal! Described by music media as the next No Doubt, Ten Year Vamp has sold thousands of CD’s, earning them a spot on the Billboard charts and numerous local, regional, and national awards along the way.


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