XLR8R Premieres Little People’s “Aldgate Patterns” Video + New Album ‘We Are But Hunks of Wood’ Out 10/9

By on September 20, 2012

Little People Announces
We Are But Hunks of Wood
To Be Released October 9, 2012 on Youth & Progress Records
Watch Video For “Aldgate Patterns”
as Premiered on XLR8R HERE 

& Download the Track Free HERE

Little People is the moniker of UK based downtempo electronic musician Laurent Clerc. He returns with his second full length album We Are But Hunks Of Wood on Youth & Progress Records. Along the lines of DJ Shadow, RJD2 and Four Tet, Little People plays downtempo, intelligent electronic music. Part beats, bleeps and real live instrumentation, this new record falls in a place where Bonobo and Explosions in the Sky would hypothetically meet. Having followed an unconventional route to success, thanks to in no small part to Pandora radio generating him huge amounts of exposure, he has seemingly existed outside of traditional promotional channels.
This new album comes a whole 6 years after his first album (Mickey Mouse Operation) was released on Illicit Recordings. His debut, an accomplished ode to late 90’s instrumental hip hop, has gone on to be in the iTunes Top 30 selling electronic albums in the US for the last 2 years.
We are But Hunks of Wood is a sonic leap forward for Little People, which establishes him as a key proponent of the downtempo electronic music scene. Having initially come from the world of instrumental hip hop where tracks are often more akin to just sketches or interesting ideas, Laurent Clerc’s pieces are fully fledged songs whose arrangements create a sense of mood and movement, effortlessly going from nuanced electronic patterns to soaring string arrangements over the course of the journey. This is no beat tape.

The video for “Aldgate Patterns” was exlusively premiered on XLR8R this week, and the track is also available for free download. Little People approached the production company WORK and director Adam Amaral aka Master Of Shapes (MoS) to create the music video. The director recognized that “Aldgate Patterns” had a strong sense of narrative and that it would naturaly lend itself to some sort of epic journey. As XLR8R says, “The piece… was impeccably conceived, shot, and produced, courtesy of Work, and offers a great introduction to all of the artists involved.”

There are many reasons why it has taken time for Little People to release his follow up record. However, the primary reason is that he feels he has to reinvent his work methodology through writing and record his tracks from the ground up. He views sampling as tantamount to taking another man’s 2 bars of inspiration and passing it off as your own. The story of the samplist making the jump to creating his own material is not new, but it isn’t always a successful one. Laurent has taken the time to make sure that leap was taken with aplomb.

1. Marzipan Children
2. Eminence Grise
3. Cartouche
4. Aldgate Patterns
5. Wonderland
6. Make Me Better
7. Electrickery
8. Offal Waffle
9. M.N.O.P.Q.
10. Farewell

11. Underland


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