Your Top Ten for the year and a 1-2-3-4 Go! label 2011 recap! + The Future!

By on December 11, 2011
It’s getting down to the wire for those end of the year Top Ten lists and we wanted to provide you with a recap of everything that has come out on 1-2-3-4 Go! this year! It’s been a busy one! If you’re missing any of these records we’ve got the collected at this link HERE! Most descriptions include youtube videos you can check out too!
Shannon and the Clams “Sleep Talk” LP/CD/CS – Our biggest record of the year! Doo wopin, garage rockin’, oldies croonin’, ladies and fellas swoonin’ all over this thing! Pitchfork gave it a 7.7, The Stranger gave it a 4/5, Everett True gave “Sleep Talk” song of the day over at the Collapse Board, Mitch Cardwell loved it to death, and someone made a Seafood Paella recipe inspired by it! I defy anyone to hear it and not fall in love! I have yet to see it not happen.
King Lollipop “Woodland Whoopee Songs of Ol, Callowhee!” LP/CS – Cody from the Clams digs out of the sand and hiccups and hollers his way through a forest of love. Populated by romance, little pink trolls, witches, ravens, Licorice Lords, Cheeseburgers, Fries and dumpsters of unending glory.
Elvis Christ 7″ – The king gathered together an unholy meathead mafia of folks from Nobunny and Personal and the Pizzas and recorded these two rolling rockers for us. We did 100 on Blue vinyl and 400 on Black. Get one while you can!
The Cute Lepers “Adventure Time” LP/CD – Nix and company roll out their third LP of power pop dusted punk riding down the road on a scooter with more mirrors than you got fingers and toes. Duncan Reid of The Boys even gave them a song for this record. You couldn’t ask for a better torch passing from one generation to the next!
Unnatural Helpers “S/T” LP – I once described them as sounding like Mudhoney getting really really weird with you in a basement. Rob Vertigo wrote this and it sounds less “bad touch-y”. “Somehow Dean has wrung out of his ADD riddled wet-lobes more catchy tracks than one would think imaginable. Seemingly hundreds since his first foray into 4-track. But catchy don’t mean just simple or clean. There’s a history of Pacific NW grime, grit and a snarling wry wit caked under his fingernails. Just because his calloused hands bleat out garage perfection doesn’t mean something clattery, weird or dark isn’t gonna’ be around the bend. Angular knee-jerk rock, Fuzz-muffed and Muddled-ga-runge, overcast punkish gloom, heavy stoner chug, Sonics soulful belting, Redd Kross speed and sugar crunched pop. The whole fawking caboodle is on the table. And this carry-on contains HITS.”
Uzi Rash “I Saw You” 7″ – Trash pile rock! End time freak punk! Often difficult like The Birthday Party and just as rewarding. Play it at your Mum!
Vanna Inget “Allvar” LP – Our first Swedish import! Melodic, urgent and at times meloncholic. Singer Karolina has a intense, crystal clear voice that coupled with the rest of the band recall’s elements of early California punk like the Avengers and more modern counterparts like Vicious, Masshysteri, Terrible Feelings or the Bombettes. Only 200 copies brought in to the states! Get it while you can!
What’s next you ask?
Hickey “Various States of Disrepair” 2xLP – The entire CD compilation with 8 additional tracks collected together for the first time on vinyl! A million years in the works. Finally coming out in late February or early March!
The Dicks “Hate The Police” 7″ – The first legitimate release of this classic Austin, TX punk single since it was released nearly 30 years ago! Faithful reproduction. So excited to get this back in circulation! Shooting for late spring early summer 2012.
Bäddat För Trubbel “Det Här Är Inte New York” – Our second Swedish import! Melodic punk with a touch of pub-rock. Instantly infectious! This got pushed back from last summer but will see the light of day before spring of 2012!
and some other stuff in the cooker including a new Shannon and the Clams 7″!
If you live in the bay area we’ve got a few shows to round out the year as well that you may be interested in at our shop.
12/10 – Needles, Yadokai, On Parade and Stressors
12/17 – Uzi Rash (Record Release), High Castle and Lenz

Coming up next year…
1/9 – Thou, The Body, Lycus
1/13 – Alice Bag
1/14 – Shoppers, Neon Piss, Rank/Xerox, Cathedral Ghost
1/15 – Karp Documentary: Kill All Redneck Picks
1/18 – King Lollipop, Wild Ones, Up All Night
1/19 – Primitive Hearts, Sorry Ever After, Dark Beach
1/20 – Fleshies, Big Eyes, Wild Assumptions
Alright! Now get to writing those lists!

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