The Zealots Release Tribute “Chips the Fish” Lyric Video

By on September 1, 2015


Rock quartet The Zealots have released a mesmerizing lyric video for their song “Chips the Fish”, a reference to their band pet that met an untimely demise..

The video has kind of a dark theme to it and the lyrical content is just as grim,” says vocalist Micah Martin. “We had a pet fish for the band and I swallowed him to lighten the mood up a bit. The goal was to puke the fish back up still alive back into the fish bowl (shades of Steve-O), but obviously that didn’t work as planned. His name was Chips and we named the song after him in his honor.

In late 2014, the group was the first from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis and his team at The video was shot by Joe Gibbs, edited by Cody Doyle and directed by Micah Martin.

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